Conventional Automatic Train Protection (ATP)

Siemens conventional train protection systems are of modular design and can be deployed universally. They ensure optimized headway times, safety, and reliable transmission of information.

Trainguard Indusi I60R – inductive intermittent train control system

Indusi I60R is used on mass transit and main-line railways. Indusi I60R is an inductive automatic train control system that transmits information from the track to the train. This is done at suitable points along the lines, e.g., at signal locations or before speed-restriction areas. It consists of trackside equipment, the track magnet, and on-board equipment consisting of central unit, vehicle magnets, odometer pulse generator, and control and display elements.

Trainguard ZSI 127 – intermittent automatic train control system

The ZSI 127 intermittent automatic train control system monitors the movement of a train using dynamic braking curve computation and has been especially designed for operation on lines with space restrictions.

Data is transmitted using Eurobalise Packet 44 and also semi-continuously via Euroloop, if necessary. The Trainguard ZSI 127 lineside equipment is compatible with ETCS Level 1 (LS). Optionally, ZSI / ZST lineside magnetic receivers can be connected, which are widely used in the Swiss meter gage network.

  • Continuous monitoring of train movements

  • Departure hindrance at crossing and reversal stations where there is no overlap by means of Euroloop

  • Configurable monitoring of train tail ends to prevent premature acceleration

  • Flexible migration thanks to evaluation of the ZSI / ZST magnet information in the ZSI 127 on-board computer

Trainguard ZUB 200 – intermittent automatic train control system

The intermittent automatic train control system ZUB 200 can be integrated into existing signaling systems. Its modular design allows an optimum configuration for every line.

ZUB 200 places no specific requirements on the signaling system in order for the railways to be protected, and it supports the driver with a host of automatic functions such as:

  • Continuous and reliable monitoring of speed and braking

  • Display of target and actual speed in the driver’s cab

  • Acoustic alarm if the target speed is exceeded, and automatic triggering of the brakes

  • Train stop at stop signals

  • Support of control systems by means of line data.

Trainguard ZUB 262 – intermittent automatic train control system

The ZUB 262 automatic train control system is a modular system that is used in a number of different variants in accordance with the customer's specific requirements and can be adapted to existing signaling systems.

The ZUB 262 automatic train control system is used in main-line services. Transmission is via an 850-kHz channel and eurobalises.

Basic functions of Zub 262:

  • Continuous and reliable supervision of the speed and braking process

  • Indication of desired and actual speed in the driver's cab

  • Audible alarm when the desired speed is exceeded and automatic triggering of the braking procedure

  • Train stop at signals at stop

Trainguard LZB 80 – continuous automatic train control system

The continuous automatic train control (ATC) system, using the LZB 80 on-board equipment, provides the driver with advance information about anticipated signals and speed restrictions up to 10 km ahead. If the specified speed is exceeded, emergency braking is initiated.

The LZB 80 on-board equipment is used in main-line services, particularly in high-speed traffic or for the control of trains with long braking distances. It is also in operation in the German S-Bahn (rapid transit) system, for example, in Munich.