ETCS lineside equipment

As one of the pioneers of ETCS, Siemens delivers important components for ETCS lineside equipment that have already proven their value in service. They are a permanent element of the Trainguard system.

Trainguard Eurobalise S21

The Trainguard Eurobalise S21 is used to transmit data to the vehicle intermittently. It consists of a compact module mounted in the center of the track. The Trainguard Eurobalise S21 transmits data in the form of telegrams. When the vehicle passes over the Trainguard Eurobalise S21, it feeds power to it by induction. The Trainguard Eurobalise S21 uses this energy to transfer its information to the EVC via the on-board balise/loop antenna. Trainguard Eurobalises S21 are used as transparent data balises and as fixed-data balises.

Trainguard Euroloop S21 F

Trainguard Euroloop S21 F is a continuous option complementing the Trainguard Eurobalise S21, making it possible to transfer data continuously from the fixed system to the vehicle (infill function). It consists of a coaxial spaced conductor up to 1,000 m in length that is placed in the base of the rail between the distant signal and the main signal. The Euroloop modem modulates and amplifies the telegram data of the Trainguard LEU S21 onto the HF carrier.

Trainguard LEU S21 lineside electronic unit

The Trainguard LEU S21 lineside electronic unit links the transparent data balise or the Euroloop modem with the signals on the line. It is either installed in a signal switchbox or in a separate housing on the signal to pick up the signal aspect via the signal cable. If it is not possible to mount a switchbox on the signal mast, installation close to the signal is also possible. The Trainguard LEU S21 has a telegram store in which the customized telegrams are stored. Each telegram contains a description of the track relating to the associated signal aspect. Depending on the signal aspect, the appropriate telegram is selected and sent to the transparent data balise.

Trainguard MiniLEU S11 mini lineside electronic unit

The MiniLEU can be used to replace old train protection systems by a cost-optimized ETCS L1LS solution. The Trainguard MiniLEU S11 links the Trainguard Eurobalise S11 to the lineside signals. The indicated signal aspect is read in by the MiniLEU and converted into an ETCS data telegram. The interface between the balise and the MiniLEU is activated by magnetic coupling when traversed by a tractive unit. This ensures minimum energy consumption which is completely covered by solar-generated electricity.

Trainguard 200 RBC

The radio block center generates the driving instructions from the track information from an electronic interlocking and ETCS-specific data and transmits them to the vehicle via GSM-R, in accordance with the Euroradio specification. The Trainguard 200 RBC also enables telegrams to be output to the vehicle via balises as an extended Level 1 solution.

Trainguard FUTUR 1300 ERTMS Level 1

Trainguard FUTUR 1300 is the complete Siemens Level 1 solution which provides class leading performance for operation and maintenance for railway administrations throughout the world. Trainguard FUTUR 1300 complies with the latest versions of the Technical Specifications for Interoperability(TSI), Functionality Requirement Specifications (FRS), System Requirement Specifications (SRS) and all UNISIG related specifications.

Trainguard FUTUR 1300 is an complete Automatic Train Protection system on its own – based in the punctual information sent to the train when passing over the system’s balises. Communications containing the relevant Movement Authority, are sent to each balise from its associated Lineside Electronic Unit (LEU). To define the Movement Authority the LEUs need to analyze the status of the field elements – whether centralized through a link with the interlocking or obtaining direct fail-safe inputs from points and wayside signals.

Trainguard FUTUR 1300 ERTMS Level 1 contains:

  • Centralised LEU Controller (CLC)

  • Lineside Electronic Unit (LEU)

  • Eurobalises – fixed and variable

  • Temporary Speed Restrictions Manager (TSRM)

  • ETCS Local Control Panel (LC)

  • Central ERTMS Control (CEC)

  • Communicating through an Interface Control Equipment (ICE)

  • Maintenance Terminal (MaT)

  • Juridical Recorder Unit (JRU)

Trainguard FUTUR 2500 ERTMS Level 2

Trainguard FUTUR 2500 is Siemens’ comprehensive Level 2 system which provides great performance for operation and enhanced maintenance features for railway administrations throughout Europe. The system employs already proven techniques in order to increase process speed. Its components comply with the highest level of reliability.

The Trainguard FUTUR 2500 system is a complete train protection system based in the interchange of bi-directional continuous information with the train through the use of GSM-R Euro-radio. According to the infrastructure state and the situation of the trains in the line, the Radio Block Centre (RBC) calculates the Limit of Movement Authority (LMA) and sends it along with the track data to each train. This information is generated by the RBC using each train’s localization as given by the relevant interlocking. The train’s position is given by the GSM-R as well as through track occupancy.

Trainguard FUTUR 2500 ERTMS Level 2 contains:

  • Central ERMTS Control (CEC)

  • Local ERTMS Control (LEC)

  • Juridical Recorder Unit (JRU)

  • Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)

  • Communicating through an Interface Control Equipment (ICE)