Rail Automation

Today more than ever, speed, reliability, and convenience are the decisive factors for ensuring the desirability of modern mass-transit railways – and therefore for their commercial success. The key to meeting these criteria is optimum line utilization through railway automation.

Automatic Train Control Systems

Automatic train control systems continuously monitor all train movements and provide fail-safe signaling.
They take care for a maximum of safety and efficiency.

Signaling Components

Signaling systems and railway automation components are crucial for the availability of the entire railway system. Siemens offers proven quality and innovative products.

Level Crossing Protection Systems

Safety at level crossings is vital. The level-crossing protection systems installed by Siemens are safely in service throughout the world.

Operations Control Systems & Rail IT

With operations control systems, the operation of railways is centrally monitored and controlled. Ergonomic user interfaces and integrated automation functions allow optimum dispatching and efficient operations management.

Electronic Interlockings

Electronic interlockings ensure that railways operate safely. Completely preassembled and tested interlockings reduce time and costs for installation and commissioning decisively.

Trends and Topics

What drives us?

Why we do, what we do: Mobility Management is showing Moments of Happiness.

Siemens joins MaaS

Siemens joins ERTICO's Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance to drive future-proof transformation of mobility ecosystems

  • Airport connection in Edinburgh (UK)

    The first new-generation tram system in Edinburgh was built in cooperation with Siemens

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  • European standard for Saudi Arabia

    ETCS Level 1 for 1,005 km Dammam – Riyadh line

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  • High-performance system for Thameslink network (UK)

    Siemens has been awarded to equip one of the most complex signaling schemes in Europe

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  • ETCS high-speed projects in Spain

    As a consortium member, Siemens equipped four Spanish high-speed lines with ETCS

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  • Bosporus crossing in Istanbul (Turkey)

    Siemens connects the Asian and European continent with a state-of-the-art train control system

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  • Full automatic marshalling yard for Russia

    Siemens equips the marshalling yard of Luzhskaya-Sortirovochnaja with a state-of-the-art full automatic rail infrastructure solution

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  • Increased capacity for Istanbul’s Metro (Turkey)

    In the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, Metro Line 2 was equipped with the Trainguard MT automatic train control system

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  • Signaling systems for Gauteng Province (South Africa)

    One of the largest and busiest railway stations on the African continent, will be equipped with state-of-the-art signaling systems

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  • Refurbishment of mass transit network in Copenhagen (Denmark)

    Siemens is responsible for refurbishment of the entire mass transit network in Copenhagen

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  • Increased capacity for Paris‘ Metro (France)

    Paris‘ Metro line 1 has been upgraded by Siemens to fully automatic driverless train operation

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  • ETCS retrofitting in Switzerland

    Retrofitting of vehicles with ETCS Trainguard 200 from Siemens

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  • New signaling and control system for Stuttgart’s tramways (Germany)

    Equipment of one of Germany’s largest transport companies with state-of-the-art signaling and control system

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