Consulting & Planning: Seamless, comprehensive, IT-controlled

Compounding our expertise to take you further: Thanks to the comprehensive systems know-how derived from all Siemens divisions, we can put your ideas and plans into practice with validated reliability. Supported by our renowned Sitras Sidytrac simulation software for system design and the calculations of our Sicat IT tools, we combine economic efficiency with quality to achieve superb success.

Construction & Statics

Construction and Statistics

Functionality, efficiency and security rolled into one: System and/or assembly diagrams and rail electrification stability under all operating conditions.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility

This is how exact EMC planning works: We use the Sitras EMF simulation tool to exclude any mutual interference prior to installation.

System Design / Configuration

System Design / Configuration

The software for planning your catenary systems: Improved design quality in less time. Flexible and precisely tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Earthing & Bonding

Earthing and Bonding

Optimal protection of personnel and facilities with a specific earthing concept, including calculation of your rail potential and touch voltages.



We apply user-defined simulations to reduce sources of error and ensure your efficiency: Software for the system design of AC or DC rail systems.

System Interactions & Power Quality

System interactions and Power Quality

Analyze interactions in the design, take voltage fluctuations into account and avoid operational disruptions: You can rely on Sitras Sidytrac.