Contact Lines for Railways

Needs-oriented solutions that also work together with a variety of universally applicable standard components: This decisive advantage of the Sicat family in conjunction with secure, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance components ensures maximum efficiency for your contact lines for both mass transit and main-line traffic. Here you find cutting-edge technology in superior quality.

Tensioning Equipment

High corrosion-resistance, long service life with minimal maintenance: You will also be impressed with the versatility of our tensioning equipment.



Silicone-coated loop insulators, unbreakable silicone composite and contact wire insulators with emergency running properties.

Conductor Rails / Overhead Conductor Rail

Conductor Rails / Overhead Conductor Rail

A space-saving, very reliable alternative to conventional overhead contact lines for small vehicle clearance envelopes in tunnels and for the equipment for stations and workshops.

Section Insulators and Neutral Sections

Section insulators and neutral sections

For many contact wire profiles and high running speeds. Easy installation and long service life: You can rely on our well-insulated section insulators.

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems

Use Sicat CMS to locate damages more quickly and increase your system availability; use Sicat DMS to avoid reporting errors: Find out more now!

Cantilevers and Supports

Cantilevers and supports

GRP, aluminum or steel; for holding bearer cables, contact lines or twitch hooks: We offer top quality, cutting-edge technology.

Contact Lines under Structures

Contact lines under structures

For your safety: Insulating suspension brackets, elastic supports and overhead conductor rails. Variable mounting options and flexible adjustment.

Tension Wheel Equipment

Tension wheel equipment

Constant tension in catenary wire and contact wire for good contact in the pantograph: Discover the additional benefits of our tension wheel equipment.

Disconnectors and Drive Mechanisms

Disconnectors & drives

Low maintenance, high current load capacity, operating safety, long durability: These disconnectors and electromechanical drive mechanisms are sure to impress.