DC Traction Power Supply

Energy-efficient and highly stable systems for DC traction power supply come with worldwide service, continuously optimized technical performance and decades of experience in the construction and commissioning of individual systems. We provide you with all services from a single source, thus generating valuable synergies and unique savings potential. Trust in our expertise!

Medium-voltage Switchgear

Whether you select a gas or air-insulated interior facility: Distribute energy feeds efficiently and connect them reliably with the rectifier group.

DC Switchgears and Components

Metal-clad, compartment-type direct current switchgear Sitras DSG and CSG and DC switching devices: Providing your DC rail network with a stable energy supply.


Proven protection for contact lines, future-proof and easy to operate: Sitras PRO provides protective and control functions and flexible communication.

Rectifier Group

A secure power supply for your contact lines: Reduce your voltage with transformers and use rectifiers to convert AC to DC current.

Network Control

Control centre technology: Keeping an overview with integrated SCADA systems.

Local Charging Unit

The local charging units Sitras LCU and LCU-C quickly recharge mobile or hybrid energy storage systems on railway vehicles.