Digital Services

Our Smart Guidance Services support you in resolving problems as they occur. Thus, you can ensure availability of rail transport even in exceptional conditions.
Our experienced experts are available to advise you when things go wrong unexpectedly. But our primarily goal is to prevent unexpected failures. Therefore, we offer Smart Insights Services for the early detection of components at risk of failure.
Moreover, the monitoring of all systems during operation offers significant cost-cutting potential. It enables you to replace components according to their actual wear out rather than based on statistical data.

Smart Guidance, Smart Monitoring and Smart Data Analysis – The future is already on board

Locomotives, trains, components, train automation systems – everything is a source of data nowadays. Once it is has been processed, the data can be used to analyze trends and constantly monitor the status of machinery. The result: Predictive maintenance is possible – for vehicles and infrastructure. And that includes the highest security standards for data transmission. Algorithms tailored to operators' specific applications monitor all the data, report any deviation from the norm and support strategies for correction. And: for troubleshooting, our global Rail Support Centers are online around the clock – for remote support from the head office and to coordinate ad-hoc calls for our service technicians and our spare parts logistics. The findings from each fault are passed on to manufacturers, suppliers and developers – for continuously increasing quality at the highest level.