Easy Repair

We repair your parts fast, efficient and reliable

Repairing components is part of the daily routine for rail operators. Compared with using new parts, repaired parts are up to 50 percent cheaper. And we, as Siemens Mobility Services, take care that the repairs are carried out according to the highest quality standards and that the components are available for use within a short time. With our Easy Repair Solution we ensure that the operator has as little effort and expense as  possible in dealing with the repairs.


  • 33 repair shops located in 15 countries

  • Repair of electrical and mechanical components

  • More than 10 years of experience


The Siemens repair shops were able to repair the driver’s cab display of the Mittelrheinbahn in three weeks only.

The Siemens repair shops were able to repair the door control of the Metro Oslo for 30 percent less than the original manufacturer with the same quality and functionality.