Automated People Mover

The Automated People Mover portfolio offers a range of turnkey solutions for automated passenger transportation. Thanks to the success of its VAL trains, Siemens has managed to set records in terms of safety and availability. Since 1983, more than four billion passengers  have been transported safely and without accidents. The availability rate of the lines in operation is greater than 99,5%.

VAL : 30 years of experience and continuous improvement of high-performance Automated People Mover systems

The VAL is the very first fully automated rubber-tire metro system (without driver nor attendant on board). In 2013, 13 lines are in operation worldwide with 150 km lines installed or under construction. Almost 1000 VAL cars are in use around the world (in operation or to be delivered).

Lille, Chicago, Taipei, Orly, Toulouse, Rennes, Turin, Paris CDG airport, Uijeongbu: almost 30 years of successful project implementation.

Competitive edge of the VAL systems

  • High frequency with short headway (downs to 60s)

  • Compact and fast vehicle

  • Cheaper infrastructural civil works thanks to limited width & length

  • Stable interfaces between sub-systems

Unbeatable high levels of availability & safety

  • Availability rate > 99.95%

  • 4 billion passengers transported

  • No accidents since start of revenue service of the first line (1983)

Cityval and Airval are the perfect automated transportation solutions for use in cities and at airports

Cityval/Airval offers a range of turnkey solutions for automated passenger transportation. Designed for greater flexibility, performance and efficiency, Cityval/Airval are optimal automated transportation systems for medium-capacity. Both systems have been developed using the same platform, with Cityval offering the perfect transportation solution for cities and Airval designed to suit passenger transportation at airports.

Cityval : Scalable application as feeder system or main transportation system

Cityval allows operators to adjust transportation capacities automatically and in real-time to meet demand, for instance during exceptionally busy periods. Cityval is perfectly suited for use in megacities as a feeder line into high capacity metro systems, or as the main transportation lines in medium-sized cities.

Airval: Maximum flexibility for airports

The Airval is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering the perfect solution to deal with fluctuating demand at airports. The system supports a number of different operating modes; for instance, it can be used as a demand responsive transportation service or as a shuttle service running on a single track. The various cars within a single shuttle can be used to transport different types of passengers, for example to separate national and international travelers. Airval can be used to transport persons between terminals and also offers a link between the airport and other traffic facilities, as for example train stations or parking places.