Cityval and Airval

Cityval/Airval offers a range of turnkey solutions for automated passenger transportation. Designed for greater flexibility, performance and efficiency, Cityval/Airval are optimal automated transportation systems for medium-capacity. Both systems have been developed using the same platform, with Cityval offering the perfect transportation solution for cities and Airval designed to suit passenger transportation at airports.

The perfect automated transportation solutions for use in cities and at airports

Vehicles running on rubber tires are silent and provide a smooth, comfortable method of transportation. The trains feature a Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) driverless system, which optimizes train service time. The trains’ innovative storage and energy recovery systems also allow for even greater energy savings.

In addition to this, the innovative central rail guidance system can reduce civil engineering, operation and maintenance costs.

Thanks to thirty years’ experience in fully automated systems and a number of impressive references from urban and airport projects, Cityval/Airval trains guarantee both safety and Efficiency.

Cityval can be easily integrated into urban environments thanks to its small curve radii and ability to negotiate steep gradients. Its design also makes it highly versatile, allowing for configurations using between 2 and 6 train cars. This modular design makes it easier to adopt a phased approach to the construction of the lines, which means that investment can be made gradually and the system can be extended without disrupting service. This flexibility is also applicable for Airval.

The system’s modular configuration is also reflected in the selection of car widths, the potential for inter-car gangways and a greater scope for individual train design; for example on the front-ends of vehicles and glass surfaces, as well as the interior layout. Cityval’s innovative design draws on the latest market trends, meaning that the range is ideal for use in modern urban and architectural projects.

Video surveillance enhances the sense of security of the passangers on board of the trains and allows transportation operators to optimize passenger flow.

Comfort and information for every passenger

The vehicle is air-conditioned, comfortable, spacious and ideal for all types of passenger, particularly for families, business travelers and people with reduced mobility. Plus, thanks to the on-board internet access and multimedia services, every passenger can benefit from receiving up-to-date information during their journey.

Car dimensions and configuration

  • Length: 11.20 m

  • Width: 2.65 m or 2.80 m

  • Height: 3.62 m

  • From 8 to 24 seats per car or even without seats for maximized luggage space

System features

  • Capacity range from 1,000 up to 35,000 pphpd

  • Proven driverless CBTC train control

  • Short headways(down to 1 minute)

  • Operating speed up to 80 km/h

  • High acceleration & deceleration rates

  • Flexible train configuration

  • Optional front-end emergency exit