Desiro HC

Changing infrastructure: Human mobility is increasingly shifting toward rail transportation. Keep your transport routes in tune with the times. Invest in a flexible train solution that opens up new possibilities for you – for increasing passenger volumes, changing routes, and efficiency across
the board. With the Desiro HC you’ll be on the safe side – for decades.

Reliable and long-lasting

Always operational right from the start: The Desiro HC uses tried and tested components and systems that have already demonstrated their reliability over millions of operating kilometers. In addition, the entire train is designed for fast, efficient maintenance. As manufacturer, we vouch for a service life of 30 years and more. Because we know the quality of our trains at your request we can deliver them on the basis of a lifecycle model, in which you receive both vehicle and maintenance from a single source. In this way, you can rely on guaranteed reliability over the long term and calculable operating costs.

Capacious and flexible

The best of both worlds: Single-deck cars are efficient, light, and guarantee best conditions for wheelchairaccessibility. Double-deck cars, on the other hand, provide significantly greater passenger capacity. The Desiro HC combines the strengths of both car concepts: a substantial number of seats with a large, unobstructed floor area. And if your requirements change, you can vary the car composition and also configure the interior space entirely to your wishes. The versatile Desiro HC train concept makes it all possible.

Eco-friendly and economical

Cost-saving in every respect: The Desiro HC proves ist economic strengths in operation. The lightweight construction saves traction power, while energy management, LED lighting, and regenerative braking reduce ower consumption on board to a minimum. This is how Desiro HC helps protect the environment and also wins over cost-sensitive operators. Additional plus points for profitable operation are its exceptionally high availability and rugged construction and maintenance-optimized design. A train that runs reliably pays off in the final analysis.

Safe and punctual

Competitive today and tomorrow: An operator that can offer its customers reliable and punctual trains scores over other forms of transport. That’s why we’ve given the Desiro HC exceptionally quick acceleration. Passenger flow at stations is fast and unimpeded thanks to its wide doors. Over the long term, measures like the well thought-out maintenance concept ensure maximum reliability and availability so that people traveling on Desiro HC always arrive on schedule.