Components and Systems

Siemens is a single source of supply for a complete range of electrical and mechanical components – along with system solutions for propulsion systems, bogies, and on-bord power supply for modern mass transit railway vehicles. Siemens has many years of experience worldwide with mass transit systems, rail vehicles and the corresponding propulsion and bogie technology. Our components are also installed in complete Siemens vehicles, and thus offer a high degree of product perfection combined with economies of scale.

Our competence centers for propulsion technology in Germany and bogie technology in Austria can also use the manufacturing expertise of all our production locations for propulsion products and bogies worldwide. State-of-the-art production methods and perfectly coordinated logistics resuilt in high quality and short delivery times.

Propulsion and on-board power supply systems

As a single source of supply for efficient, environment-friendly components and system solutions, we are designing with the future in mind and shaping the evolution of drive technology in rail transportation. Since our invention of electric traction, Siemens’ customers continue to benefit from over 130 years of experience.


Our plant in Graz is the largest development and production facility for railway bogies in the world. Up to 3,000 bogies for mass transit and main line rail traffic vehicles are built here annually for service all over the world. Siemens’ modular design concepts ensure economical operation.

Traction converter – devices at all voltage levels

We offer compact, highly-developed traction converter technology with high availability and optimum efficiency in all typical voltage classes and in various cooling configurations for underfloor or roof-mounted converters in trams, metros, and regional trains. Naturally, our proven Sibas control system with Sitrac drive control is also installed on-board, providing perfect slip and slide protection even without a speed sensor.

Sibac – platform-based power converter components

Individually configurable Siemens traction converters are based on highly developed platform solutions, either with phase modules or as compact converter units.

The standard system voltages of 750 V, 1,500 V and 3,000 V are converted by means of two-level converters with fast-switching IGBTs suitable for railway use. All types of cooling – for example, water, forced air, and natural cooling – are supported.

The sophisticated Sitrac drive control ensures minimal noise and vibrations, speed control not requiring a speed sensor and regenerative braking down to standstill. Highly reliable converters with IGBTs suitable for propulsion application also ensure low operating costs and high efficiency.

On-board power converter – the right supply for every on-board power demand

Siemens offers solutions customized to your specific requirements for all types of on-board power supply systems. Our Sibest power supply systems, using state-of-the-art IGBT technology, manage a power range of up to 1,000 kVA and are suitable for single- or multi-system vehicles. We employ natural cooling, forced air cooling or water cooling, dependent upon the service conditions.

As a specialty we can offer parallel connectability of all converters on the output side, which offers you many advantages in availability, power consumption, and price.

Drives and traction motors – from nose-suspended to full suspension

We can design an optimum solution for you from our wide portfolio of proven drive components, from individual traction motors to complete drive trains including coupling and gearbox. We can configure all standard cooling media, depending on the service conditions. You will profit from our expertise and from the economies of scale of our complete vehicle projects at Siemens.

In addition to conventional AC induction motors, we also offer innovative permanent-magnet synchronous motors, including gearless direct drive.

Bogies – a full range for high-quality passenger transport

We offer high-tech bogie solutions for every requirement in modern passenger transport. Our multiple unit, passenger coach, and locomotive bogies are based entirely on a modular concept, providing a high flexibility to your requirements. Bogies from Siemens offer an attractive combination of high operating safety, quiet operation, very high rate of reliability and low life cycle costs (LCC).

Siemens offers service throughout the entire service life, including modernization of old bogies.

Syntegra – integrated mechatronic system

Innovation: Syntegra combines drive, bogie, and brake technologies to create an integrated mechatronics system that offers numerous advantages through synergy effects.

This new generation of driven bogies is based on a permanent magnet, synchronous direct drive; it also combines high efficiency and low weight with reduced life cycle costs (LCC) – resulting in low operating, service, and maintenance costs.

Eliminating the gearbox leads to decreased weight as well as a far smaller installation volume. Other advantages of Syntegra are the high availability and low noise emission of the drive system.

System solutions – a single source for all components

We configure innovative and reliable system solutions (consisting of drive, bogie, and converter technology as well as vehicle control systems with Sibas) to meet your precise requirements – all from a single source of supply. We make our comprehensive expertise, along with a broad range of technically-perfected products from our complete vehicle projects portfolio at Siemens available.

For you, this means a true economic advantage.

Electrical components for the railway industry

Large temperature fluctuations, condensation, shock, vibration, electromagnetic interferences, and more: Electrical components for the railway industry must provide safe and reliable operation even under extreme application conditions – at all times.
As an experienced partner in the railway industry, Siemens offers a broad portfolio of reliable and high-quality electrical components for the railway industry - for both rolling stock and infrastructure applications.