Viaggio Light – Low-Floor Passenger Coach

What makes the Viaggio Light a flexible, low-floor star? It is the speed and comfort its passengers board and alight from the train, due to its wide doors and adaptable platform heights (350mm to 1.060mm). Passengers are guaranteed a sense of well-being from the moment they board. The Viaggio Light is also fully equipped to accommodate passengers with limited mobility. The Viaggio Light is the comfortable interregio passenger coach with adaptable and flexible interior configuration.

Efficient and cost-effective

The cost-efficient Viaggio Light suits perfectly to both regional and intercity traffic up to 200 kph, due to low investment costs, long-term maintenance of value, low maintenance costs and high availability.

Variable use

The configuration of independently applicable cars and a modular equipment system provide a high degree  of flexibility.

The clear, consistent interfaces of the Viaggio Light ensure quick and easy train capacity adjustment according to the need, route or season.