Rail Automation

Today more than ever, speed, reliability, and convenience are the decisive factors for ensuring the desirability of modern mass-transit railways – and therefore for their commercial success. The key to meeting these criteria is optimum line utilization through railway automation.

Automatic Train Control Systems

Automatic train control systems continuously monitor all train movements and provide fail-safe signaling.
They take care for a maximum of safety and efficiency.

Signaling Products

Signaling systems and railway automation components are crucial for the availability of the entire railway system. Siemens offers proven quality and innovative products.

Operations Control Systems & Rail IT

With operations control systems, the operation of railways is centrally monitored and controlled. Ergonomic user interfaces and integrated automation functions allow optimum dispatching and efficient operations management.

Electronic Interlockings

Electronic interlockings ensure that railways operate safely. Completely preassembled and tested interlockings reduce time and costs for installation and commissioning decisively.