Operations control systems and Rail-IT solutions

One of the greatest challenges of our times is to ensure cost-effective, sustainable mobility and, at the same time, provide attractive offers for rail customers. In order to handle the growing traffic flows in rail transportation, we offer intelligent operations control systems which simplify operations, improve the usage of existing capacities by making full use of all reserves and also enable a high level of efficiency and quality of rail transportation, even in exceptional operating situations. Networked rail IT solutions also combine all functions for efficient asset and maintenance management, consistent station management and optimized fleet and crew deployment.

Operations control systems

Intelligent automation and dispatching functions enable existing capacities and resources to be optimally used, without making additional investments into infrastructure yet, at the same time, improving both availability and punctuality. In this way, even unexpected disruptions during operations can be minimized and a high level of efficiency and quality ensured.

Service, asset and maintenance management

Investments have to pay off in the long term. Effective servicing concepts offer sustainable investment security, maximum reliability and resource availability through the entire cycle. And they extend systems’ service life. Siemens offers not only high-performance systems with service and diagnostic functions but also consulting on important subjects relating to servicing.

Planning and disposition

Siemens’ systems enable the simulation and compilation of optimum timetables in terms of intervals and savings in both energy and resources. These systems thus make a major contribution to maximum usage of the existing infrastructure. In this way, the allocation of lines and nodes can be flexibly adjusted to traffic situations.

Communications and IT products

State-of-the-art, high-performance communications are a key aspect of passenger and freight transport. Supervision systems, such as CCTV or emergency telephones, also contribute to more safety and enhanced traveling comfort.