Planning and disposition

Controlguide Iltis N integrated control and information system

The Iltis integrated control and information system enables efficient automatic operations management for main-line and mass-transit railways.

Iltis covers the entire field of operational railway control, from the local or remote control of individual interlockings to the automation of entire rail networks. Iltis guarantees safety-critical operator control of interlockings and a reliable display of the operating situation. The system features a high degree of flexibility thanks to its scalable, modular design.

Controlguide Falko planning system

The Falko software program is used for the design and validation of timetables. It was developed as a means of optimizing operational planning and control for operations control systems. Falko facilitates the generation of optimum timetables (in terms of train intervals plus energy and resource savings), and thereby helps maximize the overall performance of mass transit and main-line rail systems.

The program is based on the Windows® NT 4.0 operating system; its operations conform to Windows conventions. A number of processes can be optimized using Falko:

  • Track layout design

  • Timetable design

  • Timetable validation

  • Construction site planning

  • Energy management

  • Passenger transfer optimization

And this optimization pays off: Falko enables the high savings potential of timetabling to be utilized, resulting in a substantial reduction in costs.