Point machine

Reliable switching of points guarantees increased train throughput and a high level of operational safety. They also considerably improve the dynamic operating characteristics and prolong the life of the track body.

Switchguard S 700 K – point machine

The Switchguard S 700 K point machine is used to throw points of all types and gauges in mass transit and main-line traffic. It can be used for all points with external locking. Derailers and latching equipment, e.g., on lift-and-swing bridges, can also be operated with this point machine.

Switchguard ITS 700 – point operating system

Switchguard ITS 700 is a point operating system fully integrated in the trough of a sleeper. It consists of a latch locking system CKA, S 700 V point machine, a trough sleeper, and the Siwes point controller (optional). Thanks to the integration of all components in the trough sleeper, there is no need for a separate drive housing.

Switchguard ITS 700 improves the dynamic operating characteristics when passing over the points, and considerably reduces the amount of maintenance required for the track body. Switchguard ITS 700 is used in mass-transit and main-line traffic applications.

Switchguard Bsg. antr. 9 – point machine

The Bsg. antr. 9 point machine with internal locking is suitable for points of all types and gauges with all interlocking types. It is available in various versions, depending on trailability or non-trailability, type of current of the motor, throwing stroke, throwing force, and throwing time. The rugged construction requires minimal maintenance. When throwing the points, the direction of movement can be reversed. Manual operation is possible with a crank. The Bsg. antr. 9 point machine is used in mass-transit and mainline railway applications.

Switchguard ELP 319 – end position detector

The Switchguard ELP 319 end position detector monitors the correct position of the closed and open point blades for all types of points. It interoperates with all types of relay interlockings and electronic interlockings.

Switchguard ELP 319 features high flexibility, and can be configured according to the detection tasks. The slide stroke is continuously adjustable for point openings from 30 mm to 190 mm. Consequently, the Switchguard ELP 319 is not dependent on the point type or its position on the points. The rugged, low-maintenance construction of the end position detector allows it be used even under extreme climatic conditions.

Switchguard SURELOCK – points drive system

SURELOCK is an efficient points drive System for use on Metro infrastructures providing exceptional reliability and ease of maintenance. The system is based upon proven technology and uses modular construction principles throughout the design. SURELOCK was designed for simplicity and strength: its robust housing and lockable, flood-resistant enclosure contains four independently replaceable modules – motor, drive escapement and control. In addition, the extremely low profile of Surelock allows it to mounted between the running rails for metro applications (4ft) or trackside for conventional applications (6ft).