High availability and cost-efficiency of signaling systems are fundamental to the safe and efficient running of railway operations. This requires rugged construction to avoid outages. Siemens solutions are also maintenance-free and feature long service life.

Compact signals

Compact signals play an important role in the safe and efficient running of railway operations. They are rugged, offer high availability, and provide the means for displaying a large number of signal aspects, numbers, and symbols.

The ruggedly-constructed signal components can be selected and assembled from a modular system. Equipment of the compact signals and the shield widths can be varied to meet a wide range of different customer requirements.

Compact signals are used for the visual indication of signal aspects on main-line railways, rapid-transit and metro railways, and industrial and private railways.

LED Signals

Upgrade your current signals to LED Signals. They increase safety and reduce maintenance of your signaling system. Multiple LEDs and parallel circuitry combined with exceptional reliability of LED technology leads to lower maintenance and operation costs than incandescent lamps. In addition, LED Signals provide constant brightness regardless of the voltage used. The Siemens portfolio contains LED Signals and Retrofit Kits for a wide range of applications.

  • LED Close-Up Signals: Used for any short sighting distance application

  • LED Flashing Lights Signals: Ideal for crossing battery operation because of low power consumption and wide voltage range

  • LED Style U2L Color Light Signals: Available in a range of configurations to fit any application – underground, yard or subsidiary

  • LED Retrofit Kits for Color Light Signals: Compatible with most conventional and computer-based signaling technologies and most signal housings.

  • LED Retrofit Kits for Subsidiary Signals: Upgrade for shunt signals, junction route indicators, underground signals and more

  • • Rear-Access Retrofit Kit for LED Signals: Converting old signal housings for full rear maintenance access eliminates the need for work platforms and other tools.