Trams and Light Rail

Cities around the world are facing new challenges: parking space, traffic gridlock and stricter emission guidelines. Urban planners and transport companies are once again turning to light rail as a powerful, environmentally friendly and also highly economical means of transport. Existing lines are being extended and whole new networks are in planning, often for the heart of busy urban districts. Low-floor concepts with low-level entrances, car floors without steps and the right level of comfort are the main criteria for such light rail vehicles.

Our trams: The result of more than 130 years of experience

For over 130 years Siemens has been building electric trams. These many years of experience and the knowledge recently gained with the over 500 delivered Combino trams make Siemens a strong and reliable partner for communities and cities. Our modular vehicle concepts allows us to offer you a solution that fits perfectly into any town or city – including yours. For all infrastructures and transport requirements and for every cityscape – Siemens’ light rail vehicles help cities make mobility more sustainable, economical and attractive.

    Avenio – low floor tram

    Our Avenio family with the innovative single-articulated tram Avenio and the flexible multi-articulated tram Avenio M is as unique as your city. Both lines match your city individually in terms of capacity, interior layout and exterior design. This comes with a high degree of passenger comfort thanks, for example, to panoramic windows, extra wide doors, perfect air conditioning and naturally 100% low floor.

    ULF – Ultra Low Floor tram

    ULF (Ultra Low Floor) is the tram with the lowest entrance height in the world – so low that no platform is needed. This means optimal boarding convenience, which is a particular benefit to the elderly, wheelchair users, and parents with strollers – as is the flat floor throughout the coach. The large number of doors allows fast passenger turnaround – and at travel speeds of up to 70 km/h, it is easily possible to achieve shorter scheduling intervals. The radially-adjustable individual wheel bogies ensure optimum running characteristics.

    In order to modernize the tram fleet in Vienna, the local operator Wiener Linien purchased 150 ULF trams in the 1990s. Thanks to the success of their operation and the high degree of acceptance by passengers, another 150 ULFs were ordered in 2004. Continuous production of ULFs allows you to purchase even short production runs at low cost.

    S70 / S200 - Light Rail Solutions for North America

    With the delivery of more than 1100 vehicles Siemens is the market leader in the Light Rail market in North American. To be able to fulfill the localization requirements in the USA Siemens manufactures modern high and low floor light rail vehicles in its own work in the Californian town Sacramento already since 1984. In 1995 Siemens delivered the first low floor vehicle for Portland which is specially developed for North American. This unique, experienced know-how guarantees the highest reliability for the operator as well as for the passengers. The S70 platform was developed to meet the fast increasing demand for modern low floor vehicles in North American. The 70% low floor vehicle design and the maximum speed of 105 km/h make the S70 the comfortable and fast alternative to the car.

    Besides the vehicle S70 Siemens also provides the Canadian and U.S. market with high floor light rail vehicles. Recently in October 2013 the Canadian metropolis Calgary ordered 60 vehicles of the new platform S200, which continues with the over thirty years' success story of Siemens high floor vehicles in Calgary. The S200 is the consequent further development of the predecessor types SD100 and SD160 with application of the approved construction method and components in S70.