Sitraffic smartGuard: The web-based mobile traffic control center

With Sitraffic smartGuard, customers don't need to buy a traffic computer or any other traffic control hardware or software. They simply pay for the use of the functions they need. As proven in pilot projects in five countries (three of which in Germany), this operator scheme works perfectly and offers important advantages that cities can profit from.

Full access to the traffic controller

An ideal combination is the use of smartGuard with the new Sitraffic sX traffic controller because it provides the customers with full access to the latter. This enables immediate detection and monitoring of malfunctions from anywhere and direct intervention in intersection control at any time.

Convenient functions for ease of handling and an excellent overview

Sitraffic smartGuard runs a graphical user interface that is setting new standards in traffic engineering: Who knows how to use a smartphone, knows how to work with this mobile traffic control center! Four different display modes allow the user to easily locate the required information:

  • A few mouse clicks on the OpenStreetMap provide the user with a complete overview of the entire system.

  • In the list display, the user can sort and group the different objects on various criteria.

  • The dashboard with the watch list provides a first-glance overview of the current equipment status.

  • And the signal plan archive serves to visualize the operational data and trace system history.

Traffic light switching – safely and securely!

smartGuard has been certified by TÜV Süd for availability, reliability, and security. The security features include a two-level security concept and high security standards for server operation and data transfer, especially between server and field devices.

Plug&Play for green-phase modification

The new Sitraffic sX controller offers Plug&Play functionality for automated data synchronization with Sitraffic smartGuard. When new traffic lights are installed, these are immediately integrated in the system and displayed on the map. Sitraffic smartGuard and Sitraffic sX run the same intuitive user interface based on a unique web-based operation and diagnosis concept.