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Increase capacity, safety and reliability with intelligent infrastructure

Digital transformation is happening quickly and nowhere more so than in infrastructure.  Smart signalling and control solutions can be leveraged to enable smooth and efficient daily operations, as well as flexible capacity control, to ensure that rail contributes reliably and effectively to seamless door-to-door journeys.


Mainline next-generation signalling solutions are paving the way towards a digital railway

With many years' experience we provide flexible, reliable and safe railway signalling solutions. Increase the value of your business sustainably over the entire lifecycle with smart migration strategies and innovative solutions for future-proof investments. Prepare for the next generation with ETCS, reduce hardware substantially through digital interlocking systems, and realise automated and optimised driving with our traffic management systems in combination with high-quality onboard units.
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How digitalisation is evolving intelligent rail infrastructure 

Digitalisation offers completely new opportunities for flexibility, effectiveness, and efficiency in rail transportation and significantly advances the networking of mobility offerings. Learn more about our visions for a digital future in intelligent rail infrastructure.

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The digital transformation is here – let’s shape it together!

Expanding the limits of the transport infrastructure with digitalization while reducing the complexity of the system.

Transport infrastructure has reached a turning point. With ongoing urbanisation, the demand for mobility is continuously growing. At the same time, new technologies are changing our mobility options and the way we travel, challenging operators to adapt in order to streamline operations and enhance as well as expand their offerings for better passenger experience and availability. Learn how to benefit from our digital solutions by leveraging big data and connectivity for a digital future.

Connectivity: the basis for intelligent infrastructure

All the elements which make up today’s rail infrastructure produce massive volumes of data that can be gathered, stored, and processed. Railway operators have numerous opportunities to benefit from all this data; from optimising entire fleet operations to preventive maintenance and needs-based servicing at the right time. Hundreds of sensors and control devices located in trains, locomotives and infrastructure are able to provide vast amounts of information. With comprehensive storage technologies and cloud-based services, we can now gather this data and process it further to realise improved overall network performance, cost effectiveness, passenger throughput.

System Performance Dashboards: maintaining an overview in the data jungle

Providing on-the-spot system insights for 100 percent transparency: Siemens Mobility's new System Performance Dashboard is a cloud-based tool for analysing your assets. As an innovative application on MindSphere, the extremely user-friendly dashboard provides customer-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for full transparency regarding punctuality, network utilisation, condition and capacity, with just a few clicks.

Building Information Modeling (BIM): efficient asset lifecycle management

As a revolutionary digital planning and working method, Building Information Modeling (BIM) brings together the work of all stakeholders involved in railway project management and infrastructure and asset management. It enables the digital recording of an entire rail network and uses digital models of a setting to record and manage relevant information and data and share it among all the parties involved. It was on this basis that Siemens Mobility developed its “Digital Track Services,” a special digital process for rail infrastructure. 

Automated Driving: flexible capacity optimisation

Automated driving is a reality, with technologies ranging from semi-automated trains to fully driverless operation. Trains can be coordinated long before they arrive at bottlenecks in the network so that they can pass through in succession and without delays. In future, it will be possible for vehicles to be automatically routed and effectively controlled along the braking curve, even in complex networks.  For more environment-friendly, safer and more reliable rail transportation, our control system Trainguard ATO uses traffic management data and vehicle information to calculate the ideal speed profile for the current conditions at any time. 

Digital Interlocking: a stepping stone towards cloud-based signalling

Digital interlocking is becoming the key for efficient signalling systems. The new interlocking architecture is dissolving the geographical assignment through highly available IP-based communication infrastructure, which allows decentralised power supply concepts. This is coming along with a wide range of advantages like centralisation in signalling data centres, scalable availability concepts, combination of safe and non-safe applications on one platform and last but not least a significant reduction of cable cost and other infrastructure and utilities.


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