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Make passengers happier with intelligent mass transit infrastructure

Passengers want a fast, safe, efficient and reliable way of getting around cities. With Siemens Mobility, you can rely on scalable solutions to boost the performance, reliability and cost efficiency of your mass transit lines.  


Future-oriented solutions to lead the way

As cities become ever larger and more complex with globalisation, passenger requirements and demand on mass transit systems grow accordingly. To meet these challenges, Siemens Mobility offers a complete portfolio of intelligent, future-oriented mass transit solutions ranging from single components to complete signalling systems. For enhanced safety, punctuality, availability, speed, capacity and energy efficiency.


How digitalization is evolving intelligent rail infrastructure 

Find out how you can leverage on a wide array of digital solutions to enhance passenger experience and boost train availability. 

What drives us

Sustainable trends for happier passengers

We see our customers as partners. Partners with whom we work to sustainably develop urban environments – for happier city dwellers with an improved quality of life and thriving cities thanks to their attractiveness as a business location. The key to this is efficient, effective mass transit options – optimized through the use of railway automation.

The Digital Station: enhancing the passenger experience

Urban train stations stand at the frontline of the passenger experience. Helping you optimize this experience through digitalization is Siemens’ Digital Station – which brings together signaling and station solutions under one integrated interface. This interface, either locally-hosted or cloud-based, offers operators easy access to solutions such as Facility-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (F-SCADA), Passenger Information Systems/Passenger Announcements, and intelligent CCTV functionalities.   

Benefits for passengers, operators and infrastructure owners

Improving energy efficiencies with signaling and power system interfacing

By interfacing a network signaling system and Power SCADA, Siemens energy-optimized operation provides mass transit operators with greater transparency and forecasting concerning their energy consumption. Data analytics will make clear connections and interdependencies between your energy consumption and metro operation – allowing you plan timetables based on headway and energy consumption. The benefits include significant CAPEX and OPEX cost reductions, guaranteed availability, and the possibility to take energy restrictions into account during operations.

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Moving light-rail signaling into a new dimension

Embrace the digital revolution with an integrated cloud-based solution for light rail that combines traditional signaling hardware from Siemens with advanced algorithms and travel applications from HaCon. The system transmits tram positioning data via a wireless 4G connection to a central operations system – rendering traditional signaling hardware a thing of the past. This results in improved vehicle and infrastructure availability, optimized operations, reduced operational cost, and enhanced passenger experience. 

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Proven technology


Prepare for tomorrow, benefit today

Meet the needs of modern-day passengers with intelligent, future-oriented solutions from Siemens – designed to boost the performance, reliability, and cost efficiency of your mass transit lines.