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Fast and safe public transportation services determine the quality of life and the competitiveness of cities and regions around the world and will play a key role in the 21st century. To meet the requirements for optimized traffic flows and reduced CO2 emissions in the cities of today and tomorrow, we have developed a metro that sets new standards in its class: Inspiro® – the metro from Siemens.

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Innovative metro platform

Our metro for the future

Public transportation systems such as metro lines need to ensure that passengers are transported in a safe and comfortable environment while also meeting economic and environmental requirements. That’s why we paid special attention to these factors during the development of Inspiro – and created a metro for the future.

Maximum benefits, optimised comfort, high sustainability – Inspiro

Inspiro highlights

Extraordinary design – for the cities of the future

The Inspiro’s modern and distinctive vehicle design is immediately impressive. It was developed in collaboration with Designworks, a BMW Group Company. The exterior with its dynamic front end is striking and makes a lasting impact on a city’s image.

Flexibility – to meet individual needs

With the Inspiro, the platform concept and flexibility are not contradictions: The concept of Inspiro offers many versions and equipment options.

  • Train configurations with up to eight cars with varying degrees of motorization up to 100% 
  • Variable length and width of the carbodies
  • Optional longitudinal, transversal, or mixed seating configuration in the passenger area 
  • Three or four doors per side per car, with outside sliding or sliding-plug door types as options
  • Extensive equipment options – from driverless operation (GoA 4) to CO2-controlled air conditioning

Passenger comfort – subway travel that engages all the senses

  • A thoughtfully designed interior with wide passageways conveys a generous feeling of space. 
  • The innovative ambient lighting system with its carefully placed groups of lights creates a pleasant atmosphere not previously seen in metros.
  • Instead of the usual grab poles and hand rails, Inspiro offers innovative and distinctive supports in the form of a stylized branched tree: the Lightree®. It allows several passengers to hold on while maintaining a comfortable distance from others.

Energy efficiency – through innovation

The Inspiro’s energy efficiency is based on two factors – its weight-saving design and energy-efficient technologies.

  • Reduced overall weight of a single car by more than three tons compared with the previous generation due to the light-weight carbody and a weight-optimized bogie
  • State-of-the-art energy-efficient traction technology
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Load-regulated, air-quality-controlled air-conditioning system

Optimized capacity – for cities with high transportation needs

Many features of the Inspiro provide improved system capacity to ensure even greater efficiency in operation of the vehicle fleet:

  • Electrical and appliance cabinets can be eliminated entirely in the passenger area, creating more space for riders and enabling operators to optimize passenger capacities.
  • Large doors 1,400 mm in width make it easier for passengers to board and exit the Inspiro and reduce the amount of time spent at stations.
  • The doors can be equipped with easy-to-see light strips. In conjunction with the octagonal door shape, this design helps passengers to orient themselves on the platform while also optimizing passenger flow in stations.

Siemens metros – past and present

From Berlin, to Budapest, to the world

Siemens has been a pioneer in electromobility on rails since 1879, and has been building modern, high-performance mass transit systems since 1881.

Whether as trams in dedicated lanes, as elevated trains, or as subways, Siemens’ technological innovations in rail traffic still stand today as pioneering achievements in the ongoing development of urban mobility worldwide.

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Metro references around the world

More than 800 metro trains from Siemens are in operation worldwide and are used by about 2.5 billion passengers per year. Here are a few examples of cities and places around the world where our metros are operating.


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