Viaggio – Passenger Coaches from Siemens

Viaggio passenger coaches from Siemens

International and flexible – for modern, economical intercity and regional transport

Increasing urbanization and a growing urban population mean that the requirements for individual mobility within and between cities are also on the rise. To meet these requirements both today and in the future, our Viaggio passenger coaches, depending on the version, are suitable for cross-border operation and offer safe and comfortable travel with modern infotainment and connectivity. Viaggio vehicles are characterized by consistently low energy and maintenance costs and are flexibly adaptable to differing capacity requirements – from individual coaches to system solutions that include the locomotive – and operate at speeds of up to 230 km/h. Viaggio – passenger coaches from Siemens for economically efficient operations in modern mainline transport.

Viaggio family

From experience come speed, flexibility, and comfortable travel

Based on over 160 years of passenger coach experience, our Viaggio passenger coaches set the standard for modern mainline transport for you and your passengers. Throughout these years, we have consistently met market challenges and have constantly put new technologies into service. The result: Viaggio passenger coaches not only travel at high speeds but also offer tremendous flexibility across borders as well as modern comfort – with low maintenance costs and extreme operational reliability.

All Viaggio versions

Viaggio Comfort – high-speed intercity travel with maximum comfort

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Viaggio Classic – UIC/RIC passenger coach: internationally deployable, efficient, and flexible

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Viaggio Low Floor – the single-story, low-floor passenger coach for regional and intercity traffic

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Viaggio Twin– more capacity for regional and intercity traffic

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On the move in passenger coaches around the world

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Passenger Coaches from Siemens Mobility – on the move around the world

Explore a few examples of the cities and countries where our Viaggio passenger coaches are on the move.


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