Rolling Stock Modifications and Upgrades

Rolling Stock Enhancements

Siemens Mobility is a world-class train manufacturer, with a long and proud track record of building some of the UK’s best performing fleets. As the current generation of rolling stock reaches mid-life, we offer operators and asset owners the opportunity to upgrade their fleets to optimise performance and continue to provide an excellent passenger experience.

Our experienced team of engineers and project managers has developed a wide range of enhancements, drawing on innovative new technology for both on-board and off-train solutions. From sophisticated infrastructure-integrated systems to simple software upgrades, our modifications address specific issues which will benefit your fleet, your operation, and your passengers.

We will work with you at every stage of the process, from initial design concepts right through to installation, delivering a complete turnkey solution. Each solution can be tailored to precisely meet your performance, operational, and branding needs, delivering a broad range of benefits. 

Passenger comfort

Our on-board enhancements not only significantly improve passengers’ comfort during their journey, but also enable them to make the best use of their travel time. Options include access to Wi-Fi; at-seat power sockets; additional luggage storage; toilet upgrades and improved access for passengers with reduced mobility. We have also developed a real-time integrated passenger information system, giving passengers the ability to find vacant seats and plan their onward journey.

Energy efficiency

Modifications to improve energy efficiency deliver both environmental and cost benefits, with upgrade options including regenerative braking, solar-gain window film (to reduce heat absorption) and interior LED lighting. Our driver advisory system (DAS) provides information to enable drivers to operate trains more efficiently, economically and safely.

Operator support

As passenger demand rises, operators must ensure that their trains move seamlessly through the network, minimising disruption to service. Our modifications portfolio supports drivers and reduces delays through automatic selective door operation (ASDO), forward-facing and pantograph cameras, heated auto-couplers for icy conditions, and wheel slip protection software for leaf-fall season.


We aim to ensure that our trains stay as attractive as when they first entered service and our new seating, table and toilet upgrades, together with new operator branding, create an “as new” finish for mid-life fleets. Easy-clean and graffiti-resistant materials also reduce cleaning time and maintain the fleet’s condition for longer.

Data analytics

Our Railigent platform provides advanced data analytics, bringing disparate data sources together to provide easily-accessible reports and information. This cloud-based system enables operators and asset owners to monitor and manage fleets more effectively through real-time status updates and reduce time out of service for routine maintenance.

Project Management

Our experienced project management team can deliver enhancements individually or as a combined package to manage risks and ensure the most effective use of modification time. Our specialists work in customised facilities, carefully-designed to ensure these complex projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards.

To see our teams in actions, take a look at the videos of them transforming trains.

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