Innovative trams, streetcars, and light rail vehicles

Cities around the world are facing new challenges: parking space, traffic gridlock and stricter emission guidelines. Urban planners and transport companies are turning to trams and light rail as a powerful, environmentally friendly and also highly economical means of transport. Existing lines are being extended and whole new networks are in planning, often for the heart of busy urban districts. Low-floor concepts with low-level entrances, car floors without steps and the right level of comfort are the main criteria for such light rail vehicles.   Siemens offers you trams and light rail vehicles that optimally fit your requirements and your city, such as innovative single-articulated trams or highly flexible multi-articulated trams from the Avenio family. We have also developed a separate platform to meet specific North American market requirements with regard to technical standards, operating conditions, and localization.

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Avenio – 100% low-floor trams

Avenio – fits your city. Made for where you live.

Your city is unique – and so are your requirements for public transportation. The Avenio family with its two lines, Avenio and Avenio M, offers you custom solutions that are designed just for your city. Whether you need innovative single-articulated or flexible multi-articulated trams, the members of the Avenio family will fit harmoniously into your cityscape and adapt to your existing infrastructure and your requirements for capacity, interior layout, and exterior design.

Light Rail Solutions for North America

Attractive mobility for your city

With the order of more than 1800 vehicles Siemens is the market leader in the Light Rail market in North America. To be able to fulfill the localization requirements in the USA Siemens manufactures modern high floor light rail vehicles (S200) and low floor light rail vehicles (S70) in its own work in the Californian town Sacramento already since 1984 – including the first North American low floor light rail for Portland, Oregon, in 1995. This unique, experienced know-how guarantees the highest reliability for operators as well as for passengers.

Trams, streetcars, light rail

Efficient and comfortable mobility for mass transit

Innovative trams and light rail for more than 135 years: our modular vehicle solutions offer you the rail that suits your town, infrastructure and transport needs.

The ideal train for any city

Since 1881 Siemens has been building electric trams. These many years of experience and the knowledge recently gained with the over 500 delivered Combino trams make Siemens a strong and reliable partner for communities and cities. Our modular vehicle concepts allow us to offer you a solution that fits perfectly into your town or city. For all infrastructures and transport requirements and for every cityscape – Siemens’ light rail vehicles help cities make mobility more sustainable, economical and attractive.

Mobility around the globe


Tram and light rail from Siemens Mobility – on the move in many cities

Explore a few examples here of the cities and countries where our tram and light rail vehicles are on the move.


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