Val: The latest generation of fully Automated People Mover

Val from Siemens: The latest generation of fully automated people mover

The smartest transportation investment for cities and airports

Modern cities need feeder lines and medium-capacity metro infrastructure which are high performing, energy efficient, and able to adapt nimbly to changing capacities. Meanwhile, the number of airports is increasing world-wide at the same times as they are growing in size. Airports require efficient and reliable interconnection between terminals, and towards intermodal transport systems. Both are constantly seeking clever ways to maximize their investment in transportation solutions. The new generation Val is a fully Automated People Mover (APM) solution on rubber tires, offering the lowest total cost of ownership for cities and airports. The Val is setting new standards in efficiency and availability, and is designed for streamlined associated civil works. Siemens Val systems benefit from the latest automation and monitoring technology for an optimized everyday operation, and the fastest response to the unexpected. 

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All about the Val systems

Lowest total cost of ownership for cities and airports

The latest generation Val has been designed to offer its owners the greatest value for investment. This is assured through streamlining the related infrastructure (such as tracks, platforms and tunnels) and the modern design of the vehicle, thereby reducing the cost of ownership over the entire life cycle of the Val system. 

Your advantages with the latest generation Val

The Val is as flexible as ever, completely adaptable to both city and airport environments alike. The system is highly scalable to respond to the unique and ever-changing conditions of these complex settings.

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Discover Val – the optimal solution for cities and airports

Cityval: Perfectly suited to urban environments

The Cityval is a rubber-tired  light metro system perfectly suited to handle the infrastructure requirements of high density city environments. It offers solutions for tracks over viaducts, on ground-level and tunnel conditions alike. The Cityval adapts seamlessly to changing capacity conditions and is easily scalable without disrupting the network. What's more, the new generation offers a lighter and more streamlined design with single-rail central guidance. This allows for optimized operating and maintenance costs as well as simplified civil works.


Cityval responds to urban transportation needs through:

  • Reduced headways of as little as 60 seconds
  • High commercial speed
  • Flexible capacity ranging from 5,000 up to 45,000 pphpd
  • Easily handles sharp curves and steep gradients

Airval: Flexibility for airports

The Airval is an Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) system for heavy-traffic airport environments. Offering maximum flexibility across various operating modes, the Airval is designed to perform just as efficiently on airside as on landside, all with 24/7 availability. The streamlined design of the new generation features maximized interior space for the comfort of passengers with luggage. 


Airval meets the requirements of modern airports through:

  • 100% of interior space dedicated to passengers, with or without seats
  • Metro-level safety standards applied to airports 
  • 99.9% availability across all references
  • High operating flexibility through adaptable train length and headways down to 60 seconds

New generation Val – new streamlined design

Possible train configurations from 2 to 9 cars

Val technical data

The next generation Val in a nutshell:

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Further information

Interesting information about the Val

For more information about the benefits, features, and technology of the Val, download the information materials here.

Cityval and Airval on track

The Val has been successfully installed throughout the world, transporting over 5 billion passengers without incident since 1983. We are proud to maintain an availability of 99.9% across all operational lines.


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