The Rail Depot  

The personas identified and associated within the depot utilise Railigent to support the maintenance of trains. Railigent makes the data collected from the customer’s fleet readily available for analysis by the relevant users to support the overall operations of the depot. Dashboards and reports have been developed to meet the specific requirements of these users and access to this data aims to enhance efficiency, ultimately leading to improved maintenance activities, availability and reliability of the trains.

Introducing the Rail Depot

Fleet Delivery Manager

The objective of the Fleet Delivery Manager is to run the depot efficiently to increase reliability and availability of the fleet in correlation with maintenance and the management of people.

The benefits of Railigent:

  • Railigent dashboards have been developed specifically for this team
  • Efficiently run the depot and manage the teams with reference to Railigent dashboards and reports
  • Using the dashboards to display data collected and analyse where inefficiencies are arising
  • The maintenance dashboard utilised by the Fleet Delivery Manager offers the user a variety of data visualisations 

Repsonsiblities include monitoring:

  • Table for Overhauls
  • Mileage at Exam
  • Average Attendance Time
  • Unit Down Time and Quantity
  • Exams per Day
  • Outstation KPIs

Performance Team

The performance team’s objectives are to undertake effective data analysis to drive incident and root cause analysis investigations.


The benefits of Railigent to this team:

  • The ability to analyse data from technical incidents to identify trends and prioritise engineering resources
  • Improve maintenance activities and reduce the diagnostic time to identify faults
  • Trend analysis for performance reporting and reliability improvement 

Within the TQA library in Railigent, there is a catalogue of different reporting tools to support the performance team which covers all aspects of fault prevention and improving reliability  


Responsibilities include:

  • Diagnostics analysis report
  • Doors report
  • Performance Report on Toilet Defects
  • Eueopean Train Control System (EYCS) Dashboard
  • Break Control Unit Failures



The Production Team

The objective of the production team is to work cooperatively with the performance team to identify productivity and inefficiencies across the maintenance of assets


The benefits of Railigent to the production team:

  • Railigent is an integral part of fault finding for technicians
  • High level and/or in-depth understanding of where and how faults are occurring
  • Dashboards to assist in minimising the reoccurrence of faults
  • Attending faults at the most optimal time

To successfully accomplish this, the team utilises reports such as the Live Depot Report. This report has been specifically developed for the Thameslink Project.


Responsibilities include:

  • Live Depot Reporting
  • Future Reports

The Technical Team

The objective of the Technical Team is to undertake root cause investigations on a bigger scale.  The team utlises train data to understand if faults result from the fleet, software or infrastructure.

The benefits of Railigent for the team:

  • Reference dashboards and reports to more efficiently identify and respond to train failures
  • Develop rule engines and dynamic filtering to allow for proactive responses in close to real time
  • Access large amounts of data for fault prediction

To undertake an incident investigation on a high level, the technical team will utilise a variety of applications, dashboards and reports in cooperation with the performance team.


Responsibilities include:

  • Diagnostic Analysis Report
  • Message Search Report
  • Battery Report
  • Cab Doors Report Dashboard
  • MRX-Automated Vehicle Inspection