Introducing the Rail Operating Centre

The Rail Operating Centre is owned by Network Rail and houses all the signallers, signalling equipment, ancillaries and operators for a specific region or route on the UK's main rail network.

By having all these teams working together under one roof it is possible to enable quick resolutions to signalling problems and train failures.

Siemens Mobility supports the operator by offering dashboards and reports focusing on incident management and operational support. The stakeholders utilising these dashboards and reports are: Fleet Controllers, Timetable and Train planners, and Driver Management.


Introducing the Rail Operating Centre

Fleet Control

The Fleet Controller is responsible for the day to day operation of the fleet and first line support for in service fleet failures and in the case of major disruptions.

The Fleet Controller works closely with the train OEM and the infrastructure manager to ensure a smooth overall operation of the railway network and in case it required their inputs in the context of incident response to in-service failures.


Responsibilities include:

  • Incident Management
  • Visulisation of slip side events
  • Visualisation of sand refillables 

Timetable and Train Planning

The Train and Timetable planning team is responsible for the achievement and optimisation of timetables.


This persona is therefore interested in understanding the arising of delays in specific sections of a route to drive improvement activities from a fleet operations perspective or to drive timetable optimisation.


Responsibilities include:


  • Right Time App Proof of Concept
  • Visulation of stations dwell times    
  • Top cancellation reasons - Customer Specific

Driver Management

Driver Managers are responsible for objectively monitor and assess driver behaviours and performance to avoid and minimise the occurrence of safety incidents; benchmarking driving standards and characterising deviations can provide the basis for understanding driver behaviours and establishing training requirements.


Deficiency in driver competence can lead to operational safety incidents such as signals passed at danger (SPADs), stop shorts, station overruns and wrong side door releases. Driver assessments are conducted to verify competence in service operation.


Responsibilities include:

  • Operational Safety and Driving Performance