EV Charging Infrastructure

Substantial portfolio and unrivalled support

Market leaders in the supply, installation and maintenance of EV charging hardware

We have the ability to offer you a full suite of services tailored to your needs together with some of the UK's leading technical experts to provide you with an unrivalled depth of support.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

0 days per year...

Round-the-clock availability of our Service Operations Centre

0 + Field Service Engineers

Highly trained and skilled

0 UK Service Centres

Giving broad coverage of the UK and providing quick response rates in as little as 4 hours*

*Subject to contract

Our complete turnkey solution

From consultancy through installation and after sales service, we have the broad capabilities to provide full turnkey solutions for your network.

After Sales Service
  • In-house 24/7 customer care operations centre, with dedicated team of call handlers
  • Remote monitoring service, ensuring any issues are identified by our team and resolved either remotely or via dispatch of an engineer to site
  • Online customer portal for raising and tracking faults, viewing service reports and the overall status of your EV charging portfolio
  • Next day part availability
Installation & Commissioning
  • UK wide installation provision for all size and complexity of projects
  • Dedicated team of EV commissioning engineers
  • Full site acceptance testing report completed for each charger installed and commissioned
Warranty Services
  • Comprehensive all-inclusive warranty, covering parts and labour
  • 3&5 year extended warranty packages available
  • Bespoke warranty offerings available on request to suit customer and site specific requirements
  • Up to a 4-hour on site response to faults around the clock, ensuring high level of charger uptime
  • Annual periodic inspections and maintenance works available to ensure good working order of the charge points
  • Team of over 250 engineers across the UK to sopport both regional and national customers
Project Management
  • Experienced team of highly trained and certified project managers
  • Suitable for a wide range of projects including larger or more complex installations
Consultancy & Design
  • Nationwide team of 30 specialist designers
  • Range of experience and knowledge in various elements of traffic engineering, design and consultancy
  • Ability to deliver projects ranging in scale and complexity from single day support activities to developments across major urban centres
  • Experience in working with DNO's directly
  • In-house training school providing dedicated product and market training
  • Bespoke training courses available, delivered either in person or online
  • Training can be delivered by our dedicated lecturers through our technical support engnieers depending upon specific requirements
CPO Selection
  • CPO agnostic, providing flexibility to work with numerous Charge Point Operators
  • Ability to offer CPO service through some of the major CPOs in the market
Product supply
  • Ability to supply a range of AC, DC and HV EV hardware solutions to meet specific site and customer requirements
  • Power output of product portfolio ranges from 3.7kW to 320kW
  • Contactless payment available on all DC charging solution
  • All hardware OCPP approved
  • In order to ensure the reliability of the technology, all hardware product lines go through extensive testing before being added to the portfolio
  • Chargers can be combined with our sensor technology, providing real-time information on bay occupancy
  • Where grid capacity doesn't allow, additional power supply options are available including battery storage and hydrogen fuel cell technology
Civils & Transportation
  • Full range of civil engineering options available from DNO connection to line marking and signage supply
  • Transportation arranged direct to site or to one of our many depots prior to installation

Learn more about our Electric Vehicle Charging portfolio


With convenient charge times of 15 minutes or less the HV160-350 is ideally suited to urban and extra-urban charging hubs.


Equipped with a technical portal, enabling the monitoring, configuring and updating to be carried out remotely providing a cost-effective, highly available and resilient EV charging network, backed by our award-winning service and charger maintenance division.


Learn more about the HV160-350 Electric Vehicle charger  


Capable of charging from Zero to 80% in less than 30 minutes, each unit can be strategically deployed to form part of a rapid charging infrastructure network.


Designed using power banks of 30kW, the QC60 can be upgraded over time to 90kW and 120kW, therefore providing a future-proofed solution to meet the needs of future high voltage electric vehicles. 


Learn more about the QC60-120 Electric Vehicle Charger


Providing a choice of charging outputs up to 50kW DC and 43kW AC the QC45 Electric Vehicle Charger from Yunex Traffic can be supplied with a single DC output (CCS or CHAdeMO), dual DC output (CCS and CHAdeMO) or triple outlet with an additional AC 22kW outlet or 43kW tethered cable.


All combined outputs are integrated into a single cabinet for safe and user-friendly charging of all compatible electric vehicles. 


Learn more about the QC45 Electric Vehicle Charger

AC Electric Vehicle Chargers

Yunex Traffic can provide a wide range of AC charging solutions ranging from 3.7kVA to 22kVA output, to suit all requirements and designed to reflect the core product values of simplicity, durability and safety.


The dual outlet charger can be either ground or wall-mounted and has been designed and developed for deployment at workplaces and public charging locations such as car parks and supermarkets. 


Learn more about these AC Electric Vehicle Chargers

What type of charger do I need?

Yunex Traffic HV320 Ultra Rapid Electric Vehicle Charger
100 minutes or less

Convenient charging time


Ideal for motorway EV charging hubs.

Ultra Rapid Electric Vehicle Charger
Long & Short Stay Car Parks

Long or short stay car park, we offer Electric Vehicle chargers to suit your needs.


AC Electric Vehicle Chargers

QC45 Electric Vehicle Chargers

QC60-120 Electric Vehicle Chargers

On-street residential parking

From 3.7kVA to 22kVA output the AC chargers can be either ground or wall-mounted.


AC Electric Vehicle Chargers


Yunex Traffic QC45 & QC60 Electric vehicle chargers
Businesses & Retailers

We offer a wide range of chargers for your business or retail area from an AC charger up to our new QC60-120 unit(s).  Offering you flexibility according to your needs.


AC Electric Vehicle Charger

QC45 Electric Vehicle Charger

QC60 Electric Vehicle Charger


Urban EV Charging Hub

Our Ultra Rapid and Rapid EV chargers offer convenient charge times and are able to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's high voltage electric vehicles.


HV160-320 Electric Vehicle Chargers

QC60-120 Electric Vehicle Chargers



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Get in touch with us to discuss your charging requirements

All of our EV chargers can be connected to our remote technical portal allowing us to actively monitor, configure and update the chargers providing customers and end-users alike with an effective, resilient and highly available EV charging network.