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Siemens Mobility has over 160 years of experience in road and rail transportation and over 36,000 employees worldwide.  That's over 36,000 people who have put their professional life, their strength and passion into shaping the future of mobility, developing and delivering solutions that make our roads and wider transport networks greener, safer and more efficient.  

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Siemens Mobility: shaping the future of roads and traffic management

Trusted by our partners, we are a pioneering company, helping to move people sustainably and seamlessly from the first mile of their journey to the last. We are a reliable and innovative partner with first class technology, ensuring on-time delivery and in-depth support. Through our diverse organisation we strive to deliver excellent customer service and are committed to availability and safety. By turning to us as a strong UK partner, we create local jobs and supply chains. We design and manufacture our traffic solutions in the UK, developing local skills and investing in local value add in regions we work in. With our passion we create innovation. We heavily invest in R&D and over a quarter of our UK employees are committed to developing and building intelligent traffic systems at our global manufacturing base in Poole. As a company with carbon neutrality goals by 2030, we have a focus on the decarbonisation of transport - supporting the transition to a net zero carbon UK. As a local company, we assume responsibility and build the very infrastructure and solutions needed to create a greener and more sustainable road network, cleaning up the air we, and future generations, breathe.

Siemens Mobility: A great partner for …

Cleaning up the air we breathe - London's Ultra Low Emission Zone


fewer non-compliant vehicles in just the first 10 months of operation

0 %

reduction in NO2

0 tonnes

NOx emissions from road transport removed, that's 18 double decker buses

We're passionate about saving lives and cleaning up the air we breathe, making our town and cities more liveable and appealing by making them more efficient and environmentally-friendly, and improving their transport network performance reliability. 


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