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Integrated Logistics Solutions from Siemens help you to minimize congestion, delays and long check-in times. This range of powerful logistics solutions offers customized combinations of hardware (e.g. traffic control systems), software (e.g. logistics software or mobile apps) and services (e.g. mobility consulting) – perfectly matched to the specific application case.

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Integrated Logistics Solutions – improving freight related traffic

With road freight traffic continuing to grow on our roads, access to and from the UK’s logistics hubs is becoming a significant congestion and air quality issue. By combining truck guidance, intelligent parking, yard routing, gate automation with network demand knowledge, Siemens has successfully implemented an integrated logistics solution in Duisport, Germany which decreases congestion and improves overall access to the port. Providing integrated solutions across the traffic network can provide significant environmental, journey time and cost savings. 

This topic was presented at the JCT Traffic Signal Symposium & Exhibition

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Integrated Truck Guidance

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Mutual benefit from private and public


By local authorities and logistics hubs working together to improve access and reduce congestion at logistics hubs, both they and freight operators can benefit. Working together, the solution can be flexible and economical, whilst maximizing operational gains for both. Local authorities benefit operationally and commercially from the infrastructure needed to reduce traffic and improve hub operations and logistics hubs benefit from enhanced, streamlined freight handling as well as any data on the traffic situation in surrounding areas that can be forwarded to their information and freight guidance systems. Through close collaboration, hubs can learn and influence traffic congestion reduction projects run by the local council that improve traffic flow and journey time through the city enabling logistics hubs and city councils to reach their objectives to transport goods or people efficiently.


Logistics hub benefits:

  • With integrated truck guidance, a Siemens app that connects the truck driver with the dispatcher, the logistics hub benefits from real time information to make decisions to optimise capacity at the gate and achieving smooth operation whilst commercially benefiting.  
  • Information includes real time ETA and traffic situation via the app providing the ability to influence traffic by redirecting trucks and therefore optimising capacity around the hub.  
  • An end to end solution enables the logistics hub to plan and prepare for not only WHEN the goods will arrive but also what type of goods and what, if any, special measures are required (explosives, chemicals etc).
  • Improved efficiency as less transportation time, waiting time and handling time which results in reduced resource needs and higher asset productivity.
  • Helps establish new business models as can introduce parking fees for those not using the truck guidance system or pre-registration, can connect truck guidance with slot management and route / trip fleet management.


Local Authority benefits:

  • If logistic hub congestion is reduced this will have a positive knock on effect on the wider road network throughout the city by reducing the freight traffic circulating on their network and, as a result, have an opportunity to improve journey time for all drivers in the city.
  • If logistic hub congestion is reduced this improves sustainability and tackles environmental challenges in the city.  
  • More efficient utilisation of current infrastructure without project investment costs.
  • By sharing knowledge of expected freight the local authority can benefit by adjusting signal timings and making the non-freight traffic aware of potential issues. (i.e. if a port knows a ship containing a thousand freight vehicles is due to arrive at 7am they make the city council aware that they will be hitting their network at 8am for example – this isn’t actually part of the system but providing closer links between logistics hub and LA might lead to that better sharing of data.  Another example here could be if the wind is too strong and they can’t use cranes to load/unload vehicles – this could lead to tail backs which the LA would have to deal with)


Freight operator benefits:

  • Integrated technology at the logistics hub but also in the city provides a seamless route as the driver makes their way through the city to access the hub means a smoother, more informed journey for truck drivers and more likely to meet their ETA, keeping their busy day to plan and causing less disruption to hub operations.
  • Improved efficiency as less transportation time, waiting time, handling time which results in reduced resource and higher asset productivity.
  • Reliability of journey time from door to door, enables freight operators to accurately forecast delivery timescales.
Integrated Truck Guidance

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Integrated Logistics Solutions

Siemens is your one-stop provider of advanced logistics applications, based on integrated turnkey solutions and our uniquely extensive expertise in the field of traffic control.
The Convoy Parking module of Sitraffic Conduct+

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

The world's largest inland port is situated in Duisburg. As the leading logistics hub in Central Europe, the port is a focal point for freight transport within Germany and from and to neighboring countries. A perfect place for the first implementation of Integrated Truck Guidance in the scope of a pilot project.
Siemens and Duisburger Hafen AG enter into strategic cooperation

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Integrated Logistics Solutions

Minimize congestion, delays and long check-in times with Integrated Logistics Solutions from Siemens – your tailored combination of hardware, software and services perfectly matched to your specific application case.

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