London Congestion Charging Zone

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Siemens has operated the World's largest Low Emission and Congestion Charging Zone since 2007, 24 hours a day using a network of over 1500 ANPR cameras with over 99.9% system availability.
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Traffic congestion is an ever-increasing problem in towns and cities around the world.

According to the Eddington report, in the UK alone, £22bn worth of time will be wasted by 2025 due to congested roads. Siemens Mobility understands the impact that increasing demand on the road network places on local authorities and has over a decade's experience of successfully implementing and operating dedicated Demand Management and congestion reducing schemes in challenging, highly visible and politically sensitive environments. We have the experience and expertise to supply and implement solutions such as roadside infrastructure, resilient and secure IT solutions and back-office software to achieve or exceed very high availability and detection service level agreements.

Impressive results seen with the world's largest Congestion Charging system in London

The system run by Siemens has produced some impressive results.  In the first 10 years of operation over 2 billion vehicle detection records were processed - all with industry-leading security and transactional integrity resulting in the highest performing systems from a driver compliance perspective.

Schemes such as the Congestion Charging Zone in London, provide benefits to operators and users alike by controlling traffic, reducing congestion and helping to lower the cost of driving.  In doing so, they enable the guidance of traffic to lower density routes and ensure mobility in congested urban areas.


Siemens Mobility provides complete Demand Management systems including installation, operation, maintenance and service of roadside and back-office equipment and we support a range of different schemes including ANPR cameras, DSRC and satellite-based options and we are capable of offering bespoke solutions tailored to your individual requirements. 


In support of this development process, Siemens Mobility acknowledges the importance of privacy and security authentication and encryption in the design and delivery of our solutions.  

We are the ideal partner to ensure that the most economical and effective Demand Management solutions are deployed and operated to manage continued growth.