SLD4 Inductive Loop Detector

Exceptional vehicle detection 

Designed for maximum reliability and using the latest inductive loop detection algorithms, the SLD4 detectors complement the company's full range of traffic detection options to provide exceptional detection performance in a wide range of applications.  The detectors offer fully automatic set-up to avoid tricky and problematic manual configuration which is often challenging and can lead to detector "chatter" or failure to operate.  Each detector provides four separate detection channels with additional detector functionality accessed through a PC support tool for specific deployment scenarios.

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Enhanced capabilities

The new enhanced version of the Siemens SLD4 loop detector family features sophisticated length based classification with configurable outputs which can be set to activate when specific conditions are detected, such as large vehicles exceeding a predefined speed. As well as offering standard vehicle detection the latest version of the SLD4 can also be used in specialised bus, tram and Light Rail Transport (LRT) schemes and other similar applications where excellent detection accuracy is required.


The enhanced SLD4 still delivers the self-tuning and fully automatic set-up features of the existing SLD4, ensuring optimum and reliable performance without interference and can also be powered from either AC or DC supplies. Siemens’ enhanced and standard SLD4 loop detectors are fully compliant with UK specification TR2512.

Case study: SLD4 Single Loop classification, Nottingham

Siemens worked with Highways England on an advanced trial for large vehicle classification enabled by a single in-road loop using the SLD4 detector.  The trial successfully reduced the number of large vehicles stopping, ultimately leading to potential air quality improvements. 

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Detectors tailored to your traffic management tasks

The safety and effectiveness of traffic management relies upon a constant flow of accurate information.  Our detection portfolio can provide this information through a broad range of solutions - customised to suit the requirements of your traffic network.

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