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Sitraffic FUSION is an entirely new real time adaptive traffic control solution developed by Siemens Mobility, in collaboration with Transport for London and The University of Southampton. Sitraffic FUSION delivers intelligent adaptive traffic control that is fit for the evolving challenges and opportunities that transport authorities face today and in the future.

Designed from the offset to address future technologies, data sources and the emerging interconnectivity of people, devices, equipment and vehicles.  Sitraffic FUSION allows for all modes of transport to be detected, modelled and optimised - driven by your transport policy and defined network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Sitraffic FUSION will allow Road and Transport Authorities to achieve improved optimisation of signals for all road users (particularly pedestrians and cyclists). This marks a key difference from traditional techniques that focus solely on minimising vehicle delay and stops. 

Rather than focusing on vehicular traffic by solely using traditional inductive loops, richer multi-modal data sources are used to optiise signalised junctions and pedestrian crossings.  These data sets will help change the underlying philosophy from SCOOT (of minimising vehicle delay and stops) so that the new system optimises junctions based on all users needs.  Vehicles no longer need to be the priority, but pedestrians, cyclists, cars, goods vehicles and public transport vehicles can be optimised for and prioritised (as and when required) more appropriately.

The Sitraffic FUSION adaptive control algorithm has been designed to work with different Urban Traffic Control systems.  Clearly defined interfaces will allow the use of Sitraffic FUSION in different markets, either as a cloud hosted solution or deployed on premise.


The new system is highly modular and designed to be configurable according to the specific infrastructure installed and is not tied to any specific UTC system or supplier.

Sitraffic FUSION uses richer, multi-modal data sources to detect, model and optimise traffic control, with the ability to prioritise the passage of a single object in the network as vehicles are modelled separately and not aggregated. Continuously updated location data of road users (FCD, SRM etc.), vehicle classifications and pedestrians or cyclist detections can be incorporated into the network state model to obtain an even better image of the current traffic situation.

The general strategy of the Sitraffic FUSION optimiser algorithms is that they evaluate changes to the input or default plan based on targeted changed based on policy and evaluation KPIs within given constraints, rather than focusing only on the degree of saturation of vehicles.   


Advanced mesoscopic simulations swiftly evaluate the effect of available adaption options.  This increases the possibilities for effective signal time adjustments, since many more options can be evaluated with less rigid search approaches.

The Living Laboratory

Siemens Mobility and Transport for London will use a "Living Laboratory" to test, validate and optimise Sitraffic FUSION.  This Living Laboratory consists of a number of traffic intersections within a defined area of London and will allow newly-developed features to be immediately verified directly by Siemens Mobility and TfL ensuring a solid basis for continuous evolution and improvement of the system.

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