Light Rail Transit solutions

Offering enhanced features, accessibility and safety at complex Light Rapid Transit (LRT) junctions, Siemens ST950 controller delivers full LRT functionality at both LV (230V) and ELV (48V) output drive levels.

The Siemens Tram Signal Head completes the LRT portfolio. Manufactured by Siemens Mobility in Poole and fully compatible with the company's ST950 controller, the tram signal head uses energy-saving, long-life LED technology which can be lamp monitored by the controller as normal ELV LED signals. The LRT signals compliment the Helios signal head range which features Siemens' SIRA style enhanced optics and the latest LED Central Light Source (CLS) delivering optimum clarity and reliability.


In Edinburgh, trams are operating using our latest ST950 ELV controllers and ELV Tram Signals. These are not only linked to the city's traffic control facilities but also to the signal technology of the trams, in order to provide tram priority at 25 junctions on the network.


Working as a member of a consortium led by construction group Bilfinger, Siemens was awarded the order for what was then Scotland's largest infrastructure project in 2008. Within the consortium, Siemens was responsible for systems specific to the rail infrastructure, including signalling and control, communications and passenger information, traction current supply, catenary equipment, the depot equipment and the track system.


The service runs on a 10-mile urban tram route which links the airport with the city centre. Running at a frequency of better than 15 minutes, with 15 stops, the trams ply the route up to 100 times a day in bidirectional operating mode.


The new Dubai Tram System will also feature ST950 controllers with enhanced software for LRT operation and integral outstation functionality. The project to upgrade traffic signals and interface all associated detection equipment to meet the specific requirements of the Tram Project and provide full in-territory training on installation, configuration and maintenance was secured by Siemens Mobility in association with the company's partner in Dubai, Scientechnic. Linking the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail, the new Dubai Tram System now forms an integral part of the transport network.


A summary of features includes:

  • Full featured and integral LRT operating mode
  • Fully integrated UTMC OTU and MOVA 7 functionality
  • Easy to use web-based user interface
  • Multi-language capability
  • Local and remote user access
  • 230V and ELV (48V) lamp drive systems
  • Up to 32 phases, 32 stages and 8 independent streams
  • Up to 240 digital input/output lines
  • Integral lamp monitoring of all phases and signal colours
  • Modular construction - available in an outercase or as a 19 inch, 6U rack
  • Simple installation - easily retro-fitted to existing controller cabinets
  • Dual processor safety system and separate 'applications' processor
  • Multi-mode operation including advanced 'ripple' stage change algorithm
  • Supports configuration changes with signals on
  • Fully approved to UK Highways Agency specification TR2500 and TR2513