Pedestrian Signals

Siemens’ nearside signals form an integral part of the Highways Agency Puffin, Toucan and Equestrian crossing strategies, which provide a higher level of crossing efficiency and pedestrian safety than other types of controlled crossing. The nearside signals are fully compatible with a wide range of Siemens and third party controllers and can be lamp monitored by all Siemens ELV controller types.

The long-life LED technology reduces power consumption and increases the service interval at sites where these equipments are installed, whilst enhanced illumination on the nearside demand unit offers an extremely clear and positive indication to the pedestrian, once the demand button has been pushed.

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As standard, all Siemens pedestrian signals are built in high precision die-cast aluminium and utilise a high-precision mechanical demand button. For sites where vandal attack is a problem, an optional touch-sensitive button is available as an option and this offers the additional benefit of being less prone to 'freezing up' in very cold weather.

As well as traditional two-part nearside units, the range also includes a single enclosure 'combined' version of the nearside signal, encapsulating both demand and display elements within a single attractive enclosure.

Where traditional wait indicators are required both standard incandescent and LED versions are available. The LED version incorporates the latest Central Light Source (CLS) technology and can also be fully lamp monitored by all Siemens ELV controller types.

The Siemens pedestrian indicators feature:

  • Pelican, Puffin, Toucan and Equestrian versions
  • Wait indicators for traditional far sided crossings
  • Long-life, low power consumption LED light source
  • Excellent all weather visibility - including regular and 'Narrow Field of View' Nearside options
  • Lamp monitorable by Siemens' ST900 ELV controller

Siemens Nearside indicators complement our Heimdall above ground pedestrian detectors providing a full pedestrian solution from Siemens.