Green traffic light on street in London

The Siemens Mobility Helios range of traffic signals is renowned for delivering optimum clarity, physical appearance, reliability and longevity.

Operating with standard 230V (LV) and 48V (ELV) and also Pluslamp supplies, the Helios family includes standard tungsten halogen optics and the latest generation of Central Light Source (CLS) LED optics, providing the benefit of low-power consumption and extended operational life.


Employing a highly developed SIRA style flat lens, the optic design ensures that maximum transmission of illumination whilst ensuring that extraneous light is not reflected back to the viewer when the signals are switched off. The result is a signal that is extremely clear and easy to see in all weather and lighting conditions.


The core of the Helios LED range of signals is a highly reliable LED Central Light Source (CLS) light engine, which delivers exceptionally high reliability and low power consumption. Available in both LV (230V) and ELV (48V) varieties, these signals are fully lamp monitorable by Siemens Mobility LV LED and ELV controller families.  The Plus+ version retains all the optical and physical benefits of the LV and ELV signals as well as being fully compatible with the Siemens Plus+ system. 


The red, amber and green traffic signals are augmented by a range of symbols, arrows and regulatory signs, which are also fully LED.


Where existing incandescent aspects are installed, the Siemens Mobility LED retrofit offers a very cost effective technology upgrade path whilst retaining as much of the installed infrastructure as possible.


The Helios family features:

  • Exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • Highly reliable LED Central Light Source technology for extended life
  • Very low power consumption offering reduced energy costs
  • LV, ELV and Plus+ versions
  • Robust, vandal resistant construction
  • Superior head mounting arrangement for precise tilting and rotation
  • Unique anti-impact feature, providing protection against damage from glancing impact
  • Fully lamp monitorable by Siemens controllers
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