LED Retrofit for Helios and Peek Elite signals

The Siemens LED retrofit concept provides real opportunities for significant power cost and carbon footprint reductions by replacing incandescent lamps with low power, high reliability LED modules.

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For both Helios and Peek Elite traffic signals, the retrofit is achieved by simply replacing each existing signal head door and incandescent optical assembly with a new LED CLS door and upgrading the controller. This ensures that existing investment in the majority of the installed signal is retained, minimising waste and disposal issues, which further enhances the carbon savings achieved by the retrofit option.

Thanks to the continued use of the well proven SIRA lens, and despite their low power, the optical performance of the signals is excellent, offering both high brightness and outstanding phantom performance.

The LED retrofit options also include effective solutions for upgrading incandescent wait indicators allowing previously incandescent sites to be converted to completely LED operation.

The LED retrofit features:

  • Very low power consumption (average 9W)
  • Excellent optical performance utilising the SIRA lens style
  • Easy installation in Helios and Peek Elite bodies
  • Incandescent wait indicator upgrade options
  • Low environmental impact
  • Controller upgrade kits for ST750 and ST800 controllers

The Benefits of Retrofit

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