Yunex Traffic,                A Siemens Business

A new name and look for Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems

Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems, is to become Yunex Traffic, a Siemens owned, stand-alone company.

It will allow us to respond faster and more flexibly, to our customers and supply chain partners, to better shape and influence our ITS industry and markets and deliver a positive, safe and sustainable societal change.

The journey towards the formation of this independent, international, future-oriented company started in 2020.  In the UK, the carve out completion date is set for 1st October 2021.


A change of name, logo and identity, but importantly Yunex Traffic remains a Siemens Business with the same leadership team and knowledgeable and capable people working with you.  Our portfolio focus will continue to be on:

  • Urban and Interurban Solutions
  • Tolling Solutions
  • Software Solutions
  • Service Solutions




Our UK Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems facilities will continue to serve our customers, but under the Yunex Traffic name. 


Our award winning global manufacturing facility in Poole, UK, will continue to provide innovative and high quality products to towns, cities and highways authorities around the world with the ongoing support of our valued supply chain partners.


Most importantly, our "customer first" mindset will remain at the core of everything we do - throughout the formation of the new company and into the future.  


In line with other Yunex Business Units around the world, Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems, will begin to present itself as Yunex Traffic from 1st July 2021.

Why "Yunex Traffic"?

The new company identity, "Yunex Traffic", starts with Y[o]u, our customers and partners.  Together with you, we develop ideas, ways and means to create connections between society and industry.  The name is intended to evoke positive associations such as united and connected.  And "nex" refers to our commitment to the future; what comes next and the digital solutions to the traffic management challenges of tomorrow. 


We look forward to continuing to shape the future together with you, drawing on our collective expertise and passions.  Your challenges and requirements will of course remain our top priority.

How will this impact you, our customer?

In the UK, whilst the ITS business will begin to use the Yunex Traffic branding from 1 July onwards, there will be no change to our legal entity, Siemens Mobility Limited, until our carve-out date of 1 October and we will not be transferring any current contracts or entering into new contracts as Yunex Limited until that date.  From 1 July, you will receive letters from your usual ITS contacts with more detail about how existing contracts will be transferred and what actions need to be taken.

Together we can achieve so much.

We will be sharing further news over the coming weeks, so check back soon!