Our thinking moves the U.S. forward

In a world where everyone is obsessed with “thinking outside the box,” Siemens Mobility is proud to innovate and advance the technologies in the unassuming boxes that run the most advanced U.S. road and rail transportation. The brains behind the traffic signals, the railway systems and the trains themselves, can be found in the innocuous grey boxes made by Siemens Mobility in the U.S. It might be an unnoticed roadside unit sending signals to your cars; an overlooked shed alongside the rail communicating with the trains; or the cutting edge light rail vehicles… but these boxes are filled with a new way of thinking. It’s a whole team of engineers in one little box.


At Siemens Mobility, our thinking pushes the boundaries of the way our cities work and connect. Our 3,500 U.S. employees build decades of innovation into intelligent transportation at eight U.S. factories, with the help of 2,000 local suppliers. And our data scientists’ harness IoT to connect rail and road systems. Our thinking moves the U.S. forward. That’s Siemens Mobility – Thinking. Inside the Box.

Transportation is getting smarter and more connected

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