Call to Action: Now is the time for American rail investment. You can support the need for critical economic recovery

March 25, 2021

Siemens Mobility launches video series on the critical need for rail infrastructure in America - March 25 with the first of four short videos.


The series calls for congressional leaders to take action for jobs, for the economy, and for the environment.


More than 150 years ago, the American Railroad was symbol of progress and prosperity; connecting oceans, transporting pioneers in search of the American dream.


But American rail infrastructure fell behind other nations and our rail networks shrunk and congestion prevailed.

Investing in rail today will renew America as the land of opportunity. Through high-wage, high-skill jobs to build infrastructure that will move goods more quickly and connect people to possibilities. Sustainable solutions are ready to address our transportation crisis.

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Amplify the need for rail infrastructure investment. Promote this important message now, calling on Congressional leaders to pass a comprehensive infrastructure spending bill. Download the social media toolkit for drafted messages and share the videos and infographics below.

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