Siemens Mobility Shop Floor in the USA

Siemens Mobility at APTA Rail 2022 

Manufacturing America’s infrastructure. Building the future of rail.

For more than 160 years, Siemens has been an integral provider of infrastructure, electrification and transportation solutions in the United States. From the first light rail vehicle that was delivered to San Diego to our rail crossing products across the country, Siemens Mobility has contributed to the power of connection, jobs and investment to our American cities.


​With more than 3,000 passenger rail vehicles produced in the past 40 years and more than 30,000 rail crossings installed across the United States, our team of nearly 4,000 employees across 8 US facilities are manufacturing America’s infrastructure. And with more than 975 long-term vehicle agreements, our Railigent remote monitoring in place at 14 transit agencies, and $100 million invested in the creation of jobs, we are building the future of rail.


Made in America and designed with the future of rail in mind, our full service portfolio of products provide the most sustainable, reliable and intelligent infrastructure and trains that have been cocreated through customer collaboration.​ Built for excellence and built with pride, these are mobility solutions for a better tomorrow. 

Pioneering in America, from the first mile to the last. This is what drives us as we create American made products to revitalize infrastructure and build the future of rail.
Marc Buncher, CEO Siemens Mobility North America