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Siemens Mobility adds intelligence allowing transit operators to not only react swiftly to various situations, but anticipate them. Digital services that are innovative and customized ensure an enhanced and contemporary travel experience.

Reference Projects

Atlanta Streetcar: Delivering a safer, smoother and more efficient ride


In Downtown Atlanta, the Atlanta Streetcar is pioneering a state-of-the-art approach to manage its light rail vehicle operation. In partnership with Siemens Digital Rail Services, the transit agency is leveraging a cloud-based platform to generate real-time insights into streetcar performance and to store and manage event information. Part of an ongoing initiative to digitalize its operations, the Atlanta Streetcar is already using the data and analytics delivered by Siemens to enhance safety and improve operator performance.

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Seattle: Advanced traffic management systems to enhance and extend signal operations

With cities expected to hold 75 percent of the U.S. population by 2045 and traffic density expected to increase by more than 150 percent by 2030, the need to improve traffic planning and control strategies is critical in keeping a city moving. But how can cities integrate their existing data with technologies that will enable them to create more effective roadways?

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Tampa: Innovative vehicle-to-infrastructure technology

Increasingly complex traffic situations at urban intersections require more intelligent solutions. Luckily, real-time data can translate into better information to manage safety and efficiency at these intersections.

Tampa, FL is at the forefront of implementing innovative vehicle-to-infrastructure technology. Read more on how Siemens helps Tampa keep moving, improving safety and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Northeast Corridor: Siemens Mobility remotely monitors and analyzes data for Amtrak

The Siemens team is already putting its data capabilities to use by working with Amtrak to monitor and analyze data from 70 Siemens-built ACS-64 locomotives running along the Northeast Corridor. A new locomotive service hub in New Castle, Delaware will use the latest in digital and predictive technology to remotely maintain Siemens locomotives for customers across the U.S. This includes the ability to detect malfunctions well before they cause problems and aggregating information to improve arrival times and punctuality for riders.

On-board information is sent automatically to Siemens “Smart Cockpit” software to analyze and flag any items that require closer attention, such as a locomotive exceeding certain temperature levels. The Siemens team reviews flagged items and recommends actions that are relayed directly to the local technical advisors and Amtrak maintenance experts at the depots along the corridor. Data already collected has led Siemens and Amtrak to design and implement software updates that improve the ACS-64’s performance, helping Amtrak achieve about 33 percent fewer delays in 2016 compared to 2015.

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