Rail Automation

Rolling out the digital age of rail automation

Automation’s impact on the railway industry is second only to the effects of digitalization. Combine them and the results are transformative. Siemens Mobility works at the leading edge of this movement, applying our proven expertise in digitalization to rail automation. Our innovative solutions deliver greater safety, punctuality, reliability, and sustainability across the line, all while bringing costs down for both mass transit and freight transportation systems. There’s also less wear and tear on the rolling stock and infrastructure, despite the ability to run more service due to our flexible capacity optimization programs. But this is just the beginning. We are continuously developing new answers for rail automation, often to questions that haven’t been asked yet.

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Intelligent rail automation solutions

Siemens Mobility is a world leader in automating railway operations management processes, which improves the economics of our customers and the mobility industry. Our expertise spans the breadth of rail automation and includes positive train control (PTC), grade crossing protection systems, signaling products, electronic interlockings, automatic train control systems, operations control systems and rail-IT solutions, and yard solutions.

Freight Solutions

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