Axle counting systems

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Product overview

Smart digital axle counting systems as the backbone for railway operations

Our axle counting systems provide a modern track vacancy detection technology, forming the basis for today's railway services. It supplies track section free/occupied status information – permitting safe, trouble-free, and efficient signaling operations.
Clearguard ACM 200/250

Smart digital track vacancy detection for connected railway solutions

The compact Clearguard ACM 200 and 250 are based on Trackguard Simis FM technology – a reliable, proven platform running all Sinet-xCMs product applications (e.g. TCM, SCM, PCM, DCM) in a 2-out-of-2 configuration. Its modular architecture can be tailored to individual customer requirements, thus offering a smart and cost-effective axle counting implementation on multiple operating concepts and applications. The outdoor equipment is based on the Clearguard ZP D 43 counting head, which uses a double-side technology with two sensors for mainline, mass-transit and industrial railways.

Versatile and scalable for broad-ranging applications

Our Clearguard ACM 200 and 250 evaluators with the ZP D 43 counting head provide a cost-effective axle counting solution for all types of railway topologies and operations.

Future-proof technology

The Clearguard ACM 200/250 are flagship Siemens Mobility axle counting systems and will be further developed according to the market needs. Certain features already planned for future developments include:

  • IT Security Level 3 according to IEC 62443 standards
  • Remote diagnostics via OPCUA interface
  • Remote upgrade services for future security and system releases
Clearguard AC 100

Scalable track vacancy detection system for highly available and dense railway operations

The Clearguard AC 100 axle counting system is based on a 2-out-of-3 redundant architecture and the ECC (electronic control computer) platform, already proven with the Trackguard Simis interlockings and Trackguard 200 Radio Block Center. The axle counting system is able to manage up to 36 ZP D 43 i counting heads, with an ISDN communications interface. It also provides both relay and serial interfaces to the interlocking.

The perfect combination for installations in highly-dense areas


Proven technology


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