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Intelligent infrastructure for crossings

Implemented and proven by railway operators worldwide, crossing protection systems from Siemens Mobility are characterized by a high level of safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness.  

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Gate safety doesn’t wait

Since the introduction of Railway-Highway Crossing Safety Program (Section 130) in 1987, fatalities at railway-highway crossings have decreased by 57%. Railroads and states can make these crossings even safer by replacing their obsolete equipment with new digital technology. Systems are considered functionally obsolete when they are no longer manufactured, supported or have been replaced with technologically advanced equipment. 


Our experts here at Siemens Mobility are ready to help the administration, states and railroads with their crossing upgrades by helping to identify functionally obsolete equipment that is eligible for replacement. As the leader in providing railway equipment, you can rely on Siemens Mobility expertise from purchase to installation to create a better, safer tomorrow.

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