Crossings – Train detection

Making level crossings safe and reliable

Level crossing protection systems from Siemens Mobility have proven themselves worldwide and are characterized by their modularity, high level of safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. 

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Product overiew - AREMA-compliant train detection: shunts

Reliable train detection for enhanced safety

To serve their purpose of advising motorists and pedestrians of the approach or presence of trains, active traffic control devices are activated by some form of train detection. Automated train detection uses the railroad circuit. The system is also designed to be fail-safe. Any shunt of the circuit – whether by railroad equipment, vandalism, or an “open circuit” such as a broken rail or track connection – causes the crossing signals to be activated.
Product overiew - CENELEC-compliant train detection: wheel sensors

Smart track vacancy detection for cost-effective operations

Siemens Mobility track vacancy detection systems supply information about whether a track in a particular section is clear or occupied – thereby permitting safe, trouble-free and efficient operations management.

Clearguard WSR and WSS

The Clearguard WSR (Wheel Sensor Relay) and Clearguard WSS (Wheel Sensor Single) wheel detectors are electronic switches which respond contactlessly to wheel flanges.


The Clearguard WSR wheel detector replaces mechanical or magnetic track-installed switching devices such as the S44, MK and WSSB-Impulsgeber without any modifications required to the cabling or existing evaluation equipment with a nominal operating voltage of 18 V to 60 V DC or 24 V to 60 V AC.


The Clearguard WSS wheel detector also replaces the RSE wheel detector without any modifications required to the cabling or existing evaluation equipment.


Key benefits


  • Compliance with the latest compatibility requirements for cross-border traffic in Europe
  • Interface compatibility with existing wheel detectors and intermittent track installed switching devices
  • No additional interface board required for indoor equipment
  • Cabling compatibility – no separate operating voltage supply necessary
  • No electronics required in the trackside connection box
  • Maintenance-free
  • Rail web or rail base clamp attachment
  • Max. traversal speed of 450 km/h


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