Trackguard retarders

Precisely control car speed and spacing

Reliable, exact speed control is imperative for safe and efficient sidings and classification yards. Siemens Mobility Trackguard TW-F and TW-E retarders control car speed in humping operations while Trackguard TKG piston retarders enable precise spacing in the classification zones. Together they help improve yard performance. These state-of-the art retarders are also easy to deploy and maintain.

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Innovation in the rail yard

Improving yard efficiency while reducing noise

Siemens Mobility provides the hardware and software needed to increase capacity in yard operations. Our innovative offerings solve problems across your operations, from speed control and car spacing to high-frequency noise.

Delivering optimum retarding performance for every yard

Retarders have a variety of applications and requirements based on their location in the yard and on yard conditions. The modular design of our Trackguard TW-F and TW-E clasp retarders makes it easy to meet specific hump conditions, which vary considerably from yard to yard. They can be fitted to one or two rails and come in different lengths. They also use identical parts in order to reduce costs for maintenance and spare parts storage.


Trackguard Retarder TKG piston retarders can be used in all rail profiles, rail fastening accessories, and sleeper types. They are known for their long life span, favorable cost of ownership, and low emissions. A unique, maintenance-friendly design means worn-out pistons can be replaced separately. We also offer Trackguard Retarder TKG gradient compensation retarders, Trackguard Retarder PUCK retarding segments, and Trackguard Electric Grip retarders.

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Trackguard TW-F and TW-E clasp retarders

How do Trackguard TW-F and TW-E clasp retarders operate?

Our clasp retarders are operated by a computer control system, such as Siemens Mobility Trackguard MSR 32 control system. This combination allows for the accurate and efficient movement and sorting of cars across humps and into classification zones and switching tracks.
Trackguard TKG piston retarder

How do Trackguard TKG piston retarders operate?

Piston retarders are primarily used for deceleration and coasting runs on sidings and in classification yards. Trackguard TKG retarders are automatically controlled by a speed-based hydraulic valve system in the damper so they don’t need a power supply. The damper is the active retarding element. It can be permanently set to different response rates and damper forces.
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