Consulting and planning for rail electrification

Take advantage of expert knowledge

From consulting and analysis to financing concepts and project engineering: When you work with our consulting and planning experts for rail electrification projects, you’ll always get the most out of your system. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in all Siemens divisions, we can optimally implement your ideas and plans. Our experts are supported by the well-known Sitras Sidytrac simulation software and calculations from our Sicat IT tools. These advantages unite economic efficiency with quality – for your lasting success.

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Expert consulting

Seamless, comprehensive, IT-controlled

Benefit from first-hand expertise and build on experience gained from countless railway projects. From construction and structural engineering through electromagnetic compatibility to system design – our knowledge is seamlessly interconnected, encompasses all sectors, and is supported by the latest IT.

Consulting and planning for rail electrification

Construction and structural engineering

Benefit from maximum precision

Take advantage of assembly drawings and stability for your rail electrification under all operating conditions – with maximum-precision functionality, efficiency, and security.

Perfection in the details: The construction process

During the construction phase, our experts first check to see if any existing drawings match the Sicat contact lines, and then they generate the system and assembly drawings, including parts lists. In the next step, they create special designs, like special assemblies or mounting fixtures (for example, for structures, bridges, or tunnels).

A solid foundation: Structural engineering

Contact line systems require comprehensive static calculations. On-site soil investigations as well as foundation soil and structural expert opinions need to be evaluated in order to optimize the dimensioning of all components. Our goal is to provide you with a perfect combination of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and safety. This guides the detailed design of cantilevers and support structures, poles and foundations. Fixing loads on structures are also determined. A final comparison matches all the data to the installed system and records it in “as-built” documentation.

Earthing and bonding

Protect personnel and equipment

Our experts offer specific earthing concepts, including the calculation of your rail potential and touch voltages. Take advantage of optimal protection for personnel and equipment on your rail systems.

Earthing and bonding for rail electrification

In addition to calculating your rail potential and touch voltages, our experts also create an earthing concept to guarantee optimal protection for people and electrical equipment. We initially define the traction current return on the route as well as in depots and workshops. Then we consider each component for the construction phase at grade sections, tunnels, bridges, underpasses, and buildings. The earthing concept also includes statements about lightning protection and protection from stray currents (in DC applications).

Electromagnetic compatibility

Detailed planning

EMC planning, precise to the smallest detail: Using the Sitras EMF simulation tool, our experts exclude any mutual interference prior to installation.

Electromagnetic compatibility for rail electrification

In addition to EMC planning, we also investigate the electromagnetic compatibility of installations or parts of installations. The goal is to eliminate any health hazards for employees and passengers due to electrical or magnetic fields as well as disturbances to equipment. Especially when extending existing installations, Sitras Sidytrac and Sitras EMF can also be used to verify compliance with the relevant limits before the investment is even made. In this regard, an important part of our analysis offers alternatives by means of compensation conductors or the optimization of the conductor arrangement so that the admissible limits are not exceeded.


Ensure efficiency

Reduce sources of error and ensure the efficiency of your systems. Apply user-defined simulations and our well-known software to design AC or DC rail systems.

Simulation for rail electrification

Sitras Sidytrac is a program that allows us to calculate the power supply network using train-run simulations. This lets us compare traction power systems under realistic conditions. We can also configure new and existing systems and evaluate their performance. On this basis, our experts then make an informed system decision that optimally meets your requirements. In addition, we can plan performance reserves for future development or tune the system for maximum cost-effectiveness. And by dimensioning the key components, we can define an initial cost structure.

System design with Sitras Sidytrac

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System design/configuration

Plan systems

The innovative software for planning your catenary systems is flexibly and precisely tailored to your specific requirements – for better design quality in less time.

System design and configuration for rail electrification

Our experts choose the contact line system as required by the project and based on the results of the comprehensive feasibility study. Using Sicat Master, the first step is to create the contact line diagrams, including the positioning of poles, catenaries, and traction power cables. These diagrams usually include the earthing system as well as topographic features around the track. The position and type of foundation and type of poles are selected from a list of poles and foundations using the special Sicat MatLog IT tool. This tool is also used to generate the equipment lists and the schedule of quantities of the project.

System design with Sicat Dynamic

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Planning catenary systems with Sicat Master

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Calculation of dropers and cantilevers with Sicat Candrop Pro

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System interactions and power quality

Reduce consumption

Analyze interactions in the design, allow for voltage fluctuations, and avoid operational disruptions – with Sitras Sidytrac.

System interactions and power quality for rail electrification

When designing a system, it’s often necessary to take into account restrictive regulations from the power supply company regarding voltage quality and its impairment through feedback. Sitras Sidytrac can analyze:

● System interactions due to harmonics

● 3-phase current imbalance with 1-phase load

● Voltage fluctuations and flicker

● Resonance performance of railway lines under realistic service conditions

System design with Sitras Sidytrac and EMF

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Take advantage of expert knowledge – consulting and planning for rail electrification

From consulting and analysis to financing concepts and project engineering: When you work with our consulting and planning experts for rail electrification projects, you’ll always get the most out of your system.

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